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DFL Screening: Moviehouse Screening of DFL Participant Works

November 20, 2011 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Location: Dance New Amsterdam
Dance Film Lab Screening: Moviehouse Screening of DFL participant works
The Dance Film Lab (DFL) is a community-building, monthly series for dance filmmakers to gather; share information, methods, and tools; and address technical, practical and artistic challenges. In partnership with Moviehouse, Dance Film Lab presents two curated screenings of dancefilm work created by its participants including Zena Bibler, Anna Brady Nuse, Cory Nakasue, Run Shayo, GK1 Productions, Sophie Kuller, Victoria Murphy & Chisa Hidaka. DFL is a project of Dance Films Association, hosted by Dance New Amsterdam, organized and directed by Zach Morris of Third Rail Projects and receives support from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

Becoming Be-Going by Run Shayo

An everyman alone in a vacant all lost survivors world of a cataclysmic event, protected by a glass bubble on his head and a rain suit, on a pilgrim’s journey to nowhere only to find out his salvation is out side of his bubble, which is the root to our salvation, people and creatures of planet earth.

Rest by Cory Nakasue

Rest is a study of fragmentation of time, experience, and perception. A found sound score from the outside world intrudes on the solitary confines of a place that is completely anonymous, yet made extremely personal through movement.

Windings by Zena Bibler

Fallen limbs, gray skies, hushed whispers, silent houses. A dance for the winds left behind. Windings is part of a series of site specific films that aims to capture something from a particular place without much premeditation or planning. These dances serve as postcards or snapshots—preserved views of places that are often in a state of constant change.

What Comes Between Fear and Sex (Part 1: Vier/ Fear) by Anna Brady Nuse

Fünf ‘n’ Twist depicts the emotional turbulence of a teenage couple. In this excerpt, teenagers twist the night away under the authoritarian rule of a stern matron and the looming shadow of war. Director/Choreographer: Anna Brady Nuse Music: J Why Starring Donna Costello & Matt Sweeney photo credit: P. Roussetzki.

(re)Action by Victoria Murphy

(re)Action investigates the poetic boundaries, passages and portals of what we call positive and negative space, and, as well, it creates a conversation between image and score. (re)Action is an intuitive journey that sparkles with surprise and resolves unexpectedly, thatencourages true attentiveness, and enlivens as it restores.

Together by Chisa Hidaka

Recognized as Best Experimental Film at its world premiere at the Big Apple Film Festival, Together: Dancing with Spinner Dolphins is the debut film of the Dolphin Dance Project. It portrays Chisa and wild Spinner Dolphins forging a tender relationship through the graceful language of dance in the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. While directing and performing in the film, Chisa used principles of dance improvisation to work with dolphins that are completely wild, participating voluntarily without feeding or any other coercion. To watch Together is to see the unfolding of a rare artistic collaboration between a human and completely wild animals. Together is a true innovation in dance and inter-species communication. It is also a poetic portrayal of the simple beauty of a human in harmony with Nature.

Transformation by Sophie Kuller

For this piece, I have gathered different dance students from Juilliard, Tisch, and the Joffrey Ballet School together and asked them to listen to the music, and improvise movement as a way of exploring who they are and how they interact with one another.

An Ostrich Proudly by Alex Springer & Xan Burley

An Ostrich Proudly, a new film by alex|xan: the Median Movement, features a woman defined by a space. The space is an empty barn, the floor of which is brittle with debris underneath her feet. A man loiters. He draws nearer and nearer until she is well within his reach. He takes hold of her and she fights this; she is always fighting restraint to no avail. Her freedom is limited. Even from without, the man positions himself to thwart her efforts to flee. It is a piece of unrelenting captivity and the woman’s own dismal and futile attempts to escape, or not. It is reminiscent of bygone times and bygone motivations. It is melancholy, beautiful, and crushing. Shot at Kirkland Farms as a part of Dancenow[NYC]’s Silo residency, the score is sound captured during the filming.

Pinking by GK1 Productions

Pinking is a short film we created to celebrate the varied landscape of our new home in NYC.  Five women in pink dresses run across Brooklyn to ultimately reunite at the far edge of the borough in Coney Island.


November 20, 2011
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Dance New Amsterdam
280 Broadway (entrance on 35 Chambers)
New York, NY 10007 United States
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