Our programs bring artists, curators, and fans of film and dance together.
Everyone is invited to participate- from the slightly curious, to the seasoned filmmaker.



Become a Dance Filmmaker

A series of moderated screenings led by industry professionals. Dance Film Lab welcomes everyone from seasoned dance filmmakers to those curious about the process and how to start to gather and address technical, practical, and artistic challenges.


See the Films – Meet the Artists

From large scale events to small intimate screenings, Dance Films Presents showcases ambitious programming focused on films specifically geared for a special  venue or around a specific theme.

Many of these films are from our annual Dance on Camera Festival, reflecting our dedication to support these filmmakers year-round. Additionally, we also include films from separate submissions and ones we are just excited about.

Capturing Motion NYC


#MyDanceFilms – Winners Screen at DOCF

Capturing Motion NYC has migrated into the #mydancefilm opportunity. For a chance to be screened at the 2019 DANCE ON CAMERA FESTIVAL, all dance filmmakers, including high school students, should post their films online through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter from May 25, 2019 to June 25, 2019. Films posted with the hashtags #mydancefilm and #docf12thru15july will be considered to win a screening in the Elinor Bunin Film Center at Lincoln Center during Dance on Camera Festival presented by Dance Films Association and Film at Lincoln Center from July 12 – July 15, 2019. UPDATE NOTE: Winners were screened on July 13. Stay-tuned for the 2020 #mydancefilm opportunity.


International Dialogue with Partners and Producers

This 48th year of Dance on Camera Festival, we continue our DFA Global program that provides a platform of support and dialogue with global screen dance filmmakers. The Dance on Camera Festival and Film at Lincoln Center has a long tradition of screening international films. DFA Global is an extension of that commitment. Festival dates are July 17-20, 2020.