#SundaySubmissions – April 23, 2017


#SundaySubmissions – April 23, 2017

Apply for fellowship, residency, and grant opportunities, and submit your films before April’s end! 
American Dance Guild’s 60th Anniversary Performance Festival calls for choreography for performances 9/7-10 at the Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theater by Tomorrow, 4/24. http://bit.ly/2nIiBod 
ITINERANT, the annual Performance Art Festival NYC, invites artists to submit works for consideration in its upcoming program, that will focus on works that treat notions of human displacement, pilgrimage, physical dislocations, psychological migrations, and corporeal transportations. Artists working in contemporary performance art, visual performance art, transmedia art (sound, video and emerging technologies), and movement based practices are encouraged to apply. Deadline is tomorrow, 4/24: http://bit.ly/2pZL1Yq
Alternate ROOTS  organizes ROOTS Week Annual Meeting & Artists’ Retreat, ‘six days of performances, art and organizing workshops, visual art exhibitions, and late-night cabarets in a retreat-like setting in the mountains of Arden, North Carolina. This year, with the theme of Back to the Basics – Down to the ROOTS, we’re paring back to create a retreat focused on some of the basics: artistic practice, organizing strategy, self care, and community building.’ Proposals for workshops, artworks, and more are due by  4/26 at 5pm EST: http://bit.ly/2nGxfN7 
The Vimeo Share The Screen Fellowship is having an open call for entries from female identifying content creators. Applications due 4/28: http://bit.ly/2nWoXh8 

NEW INC, the professional development program founded by the New Museum, is seeking submissions by 4/30: http://bit.ly/2nNmqte  

From the Heart Productions is seeking applicants for their 2017 Roy W. Dean Film Grant Awards. Submissions due by 4/30: http://bit.ly/2ouCz2T

HUBweek Immersion, a 4-day/3-night experiential live arts exhibition in Boston, has a number of opportunities for performance, arts, technology, film, workshops, events, and more. Submissions due by 5/5: http://bit.ly/2oxYMfL

AT&T seeks indie and student filmmakers for their Entertainment Project, an open challenge for imaginative, undiscovered short films from talented storytellers across the U.S. Submissions due by 5/26: http://soc.att.com/2oS8b52 
Learn more about NEFA‘s grant opportunities on their website: http://bit.ly/2dGJ7rV
Folllow @artistresidency on Twitter or @artistcommunities on Facebook for many more residency opportunities!
Short of the Week has on-going submissions: http://bit.ly/2e59SZt 
Big Vision Empty Wallet has rolling submissions for their Kickstart Diversity program. They seek feature films with inclusive teams. Learn more here: http://bit.ly/2j30VOW 
New Media Film Festival has a final deadline of 4/25: http://bit.ly/2lagQOy 
The Urbanworld Film Festival seeks films by people of color AND/OR featuring people of color.The regular deadline is 4/28, the late deadline is 5/26, the extended deadline is 6/9: http://bit.ly/2mxfFWO 
Fantastic Fest in Texas has a regular deadline of 4/26, a late deadline of 5/31, and an extended deadline of 6/21: http://bit.ly/2mca60m 
Montreal International Animation Film Festival (ANIMAZE) seeks animated films by the 5/5 extended deadline: http://bit.ly/2kBUTJI 
IFP Project Forum, a meetings-driven forum connecting artists who have new narrative and documentary projects with key industry executives, is seeking submissions for their “No Borders” and “Spotlight on Documentaries” programs. The Early Deadline is 5/2, and the Final Deadline is 5/23: http://bit.ly/2pg5cVe 
World of Film International Festival (WoFF) Glasgow seeks films by the 5/31 late deadline: http://bit.ly/2lY4GtF 
The Aesthetica Short Film Festival is seeking submissions by 5/31: http://bit.ly/1SHorfh 
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival is now accepting submissions for their 2017 festival. The late deadline is 6/1, and the extended deadline is 7/6: http://bit.ly/2p0aCRD  
Filmycon Film Festival,  an online film festival in India, is seeking submissions by mid-June: http://bit.ly/2nNqwBv 
The Yonkers Film Fest is now accepting submissions for “YOFIve Fest”, their fifth annual film festival this fall. Regular Deadline: 6/9, Late Deadline: 6/23, Extended Deadline: 7/7: http://bit.ly/2nsoC8N (**DFA Members receive a 20% submission discount! Email us for the code**)
Come Together Dance Festival is seeking films that celebrate diversity, creativity, and technical excellence. Submissions due by 4/24: http://bit.ly/2n4blCm 
LA Dance Shorts Film Festival seeks dance films under 10 minutes (including credits) by the regular deadline of 4/28: http://bit.ly/2lkd182 
R.E.D. International Film Festival (RIFF) is seeking 1 to 15 minute films which have strong elements of movement and dance. Submission due by 4/30: http://bit.ly/2ocW83y
The Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema is seeking films that integrate the aesthetics of dance and cinema. Shorts are preferred; documentaries and animations will be considered. The Final Deadline is 5/20: http://bit.ly/2ncalKu 
The Portland Dance Film Festival seeks submissions for their first annual dance film festival by 5/21: http://bit.ly/2mcynHI 
Light Moves Festival of Screendance is accepting submissions which embrace dance and all forms of movement through the art of film and video art. Submissions due by 5/26: http://bit.ly/2m6M8Ia 
InShadow is seeking submissions for the 9th International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies. Submissions due by 5/31: http://bit.ly/2q02bFf
The International Videodance Festival of Chile (FIVC) is seeking to exhibit a diverse array of Screendance and Documentary films from around the world.  Regular deadline on 6/1 and Last Deadline on 6/16: http://bit.ly/2nwNJ7f 
DanceBARN Collective is seeking submission for a screendance viewing at the DanceBARN Festival in Battle Lake, MN. Submissions due 6/4: http://bit.ly/2ozN739 
Zinetika Videodance Festival is seeking films that showcase the diversity of dance through the visual media. Register to participate in the contest by 6/15: http://bit.ly/2nf2f6a 
São Carlos Videodance Festival has a 6/30 deadline: http://bit.ly/2mckZiA 
Joint Adventures is seeking works that operate choreographically with the film medium in a 60 second format. Submissions due 6/30: http://bit.ly/2mO81Jo
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