NYU’s Paul Galando to lead the Emerging Movement Council (EMC2)

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NEW YORK, NY (OCTOBER 21, 2016) – PAUL GALANDO, founding director of NYU’s Dance & New Media program at Tisch School of the Arts and President of Dance Films Association (DFA), will chair the Emerging Movement Council at NYU with support of New York University’s Digital Studio and in collaboration with DFA.

As a leader in education, emerging media and dance filmmaking, Paul’s passion for creating real world careers with fellow alums and artists continues to drive his practical strategies for dancers. Professor Galando, a Tisch School of the Arts Film alum, introduces the Emerging Movement Council along with innovators at the intersection of dance, film, interactive arts, engineering, and entrepreneurship. He invites collaboration across all disciplines. In addition to the NYU community, EMC2 is embracing collaborations with other universities and industry leaders including innovators from University of Southern California, Ohio State University, Juilliard, Columbia University / Barnard College, 92Y Harkness Dance Center, Gibney Dance, and Dance Films Association. EMC2 will be reaching out to multiple institutions as its mission to foster growth and support for the dance community develops as an international enterprise.

“We are so much stronger when we collaborate” says Paul Galando. “Collaboration and integration of art forms affords our creative dance-making artists more career options. Time-based art and emerging media encourage the dance industry to reach, entertain, and interact with their global audience. It’s so wonderful to see renowned universities embracing dance film and emerging technologies in their BFA, MFA, and doctoral programs. In the business of entertainment and technology, movement historically has been at the forefront of launching a media experience. Think about commercials using movement artists. Think of how Edison and Muybridge used dance to launch groundbreaking technologies. And now powerful tools for creation are available universally. Students come to our dance media programs to become dance entrepreneurs. Parents love it because it means more career options. The better the programs we create at universities using industry partnerships, the more opportunities we create for our students. Starting at 10-years-old, my first passion in the arts began with ballet; but the integration of media and technology has allowed me to have opportunities beyond performing on the proscenium stage. With the active participation of current students and educators, we are thrilled to launch our Emerging Movement Council and further engage this integration of movement with technology and the arts.”

RELATED NEWS: Dance Films Association and the Emerging Movement Council will host an educational summit at the 2017 Dance on Camera Festival (Feb. 3 – 7, 2017) to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the festival, co-presented with the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

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