DFA Members on Kickstarter

See our Dance Films Association Curated Page

Did you know? Dance Films Association has a Curated Page on Kickstarter. We find projects from the West Coast to the East Coast, from dance on camera to dance media performances, and curate them on our page to bring together the greater dance film community.  

See our Dance Films Association Organization Page Follow fellow DFA Members, see their Projects, and support one another!

But now, DFA Members can unite on Kickstarter.  Not only will you be able to see all current Kickstarter Projects by DFA Members, but you will also have access to a list of these members on Kickstarter. You’ll see what one another is backing, making crowd funding a bit more personal!  

How does this work?!

  • Where will the Projects and Members be listed?
  • How can I see these Projects?
    • You must create a Kickstarter account. You can do this without creating a Project.
  • How do I join the Kickstarter DFA Members’s list? 
  • What happens after I click the above link?
    • DFA has to approve each Member request. Once you’ve been approved, your next Kickstarter project will show up on the Dance Films Association Organization Page and you will be listed as an Active Member!

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