SXSW Panel: Alternative Film Events

Alternative Film Events: Site Specific and Beyond

Moderator: Mike Plante: Film Programmer/Distributor, Sundance/Cinemad Panelists: Mary Magsamen: Curator, Aurora Picture Show Delicia Harvey: Exec Director, Aurora Picture Show Mark Elijah Rosenberg: Founder & Artistic Director, Rooftop Films Henri Mazza: Chief Creative Officer, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Robosaurus at the Alamo Drafthouse

When thinking about CREATIVLY:
  • Find interesting venues, come up with a project that will look cool there
  • Revitalizing space, neighborhood outreach
  • Movie to see with a crowd, how do we attract people to the theater
  • How can I do an event that gives me the excuse to: “Become friends with Robosaurus!”
When thinking about MARKETING:
  • Not all about buying ads, try to strike advertising trades
  • Google any possible blogger to have them write about the event
When thinking about choosing a FILM:
  • Long time relationship- is it a good film, can we make an event out of it?
  • Promote film afterwards, page on website
  • Distributors may fund a component of the event, like fly someone in
  • Have event coincide with theatrical release and do tie ins- like bring your ticket from the theater to the event and get a free beer
When thinking about FUNDING:
  • Pitch proposal to sponsor
  • Prove to sponsor you have an audience and that they might buy your product
  • $10 ticket and with drinks and snacks, food and alcohol are quite important
  • Donation jar
Alternative career possible out of an alternative film event? Yes: Professional Meteorologist Outdoor screenings means predicting the weather and calling rain dates.   We experienced this last summer with our Dancing in Public event at Solar 1. Had to call a rain date but the show did go on!
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