Dances Made to Order

The  New York edition of Dances Made to Order premieres today!

This series was curated by Zach Morris of Dances Film Association’s Dance Film Lab. 
  • rein by Geoffrey Ehrlich and Kelly Bartnik
  • In Between by Mayuna Shimizu and Collaborators
  • Untimely by Hanaah Frechette
After only two weeks, these artists made films inspired by the themes our audience members chose:
  • wine bottles, skeletal remains, an hour glass
  • still amidst surrounbding chaos
  • doppelgänger
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“It’s exciting to observe Dances Made to Order come to life with such immediacy. The process is an inspiring challenge for filmmakers to embrace ideas chosen by the very same audience who will have the pleasure of enjoying them in just a couple of weeks.” -Zach Morris and Christy Park of Dance Films Association
Previews: rein by Geoffrey Ehrlich and Kelly Bartnik
What was your first reaction to the ideas the audience chose? How did you interpret them in your film?
Geoffrey: My initial reaction was elation!  I had been waiting so patiently to hear the final ideas and couldn’t have been more excited with the choices.  We had a hard time figuring out how to work in wine bottles originally, but as our idea progressed, we found a natural place for them.  The other two objects, hourglass and skeletal remains, fit in a little more easily with our concept.  Doppelgänger was the one idea that we were rooting for the most.  When you see our vid, you realize how much this one thing influenced us.  We batted back and forth on ideas for “still amidst surrounding chaos” and in the end came up with a pretty interesting way of using it. Kelly:  I was really excited with the audience’s choices; they were actually the three that I’d been hoping for and would have chosen myself.  Each one alone inspires such a variety of ideas and it was really fun to find a way to put them all together.
What’s your favorite drink and where do you get it?
G: I love Radeberger.  Definitely my favorite beer.  I am always excited to walk into the bar South in S. Park Slope and see that it’s on tap. K: Since it’s winter, I prefer a whiskey neat.  I usually get it at work (my job conveniently includes a bar) or at home.
Tell us something surprising about you.
G: I like horror movies, Gossip Girl and rap music.  Not necessarily in that order. K: I’m a crier. 
In Between by Mayuna Shimizu and Collaborators Untimely by Hanaah Frechette
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