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Dance Workforce Census: Earnings Among Individuals, Ages 21-35 dnycjommOn February 27, 2012, the Dance/NYC Junior Committee published findings from its May 2011 survey research initiative: a Dance Workforce Census: Earnings Among Individuals, Ages 21-35. Full report can be found on Dance/NYC website.
“The value of this study is its presentation of the first concrete research relating to the untenable economic plight of young dancers, choreographers and administrators working within the dance field in New York City. While no answers are posed, the need to find answers is made evident. If the passion, discipline and creativity of these individuals is not to be wasted, it must be allowed to flourish in a way that confirms that dance is, indeed, a respected profession — a place where achievement is recognized by the ability to earn a living wage, with appropriate health insurance benefits and a modicum of financial stability.” –Beverly D’Anne
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