Featured Film: Wayne McGregor- Going Somewhere

Wayne McGregor- Going Somewhere Catherine Maximoff, 2011 France | 80 minutes

Monday January 30th, 8:30pm Walter Reade Theater

Notes on WAYNE MCGREGOR – GOING SOMEWHERE by director Catherine Maximoff

I could say that for documentaries, I always try to have the ‘form’ stick to the content. For me, the way the film is being shot and edited should also tell about what the film is about. At some previous screenings, people asked me why we only see Wayne working dance studios. Wayne & I have known each other for almost 10 years now. Wayne is not someone who nourishes himself in the ‘real’ world. Filming him in his daily life wouldn’t have made any sense to me. Wayne’s work grows and develops in a dance studio. And he works a lot because he loves it ! Talking about ‘myself’, I believe that a film is a good one if as a spectator, you don’t notice the ‘mise en scène’. For me, it means that form and content make one. When I am told that one feels very close to the people being shot and one doesn’t feel the mise en scène, I take it as a compliment ! Concerning how this film came to life, Wayne & I respect each other’s work very much and I can say that I enjoy Wayne’s kindness and intelligence very much too. When Arte decided to co-produce the film, everything went easy as I had the complete trust from Wayne and his collaborators. Right now, I am finishing a documentary about the French poet Racine through a master class that was given to student actors on the play Andromaque. I tried to seek how this very connoted old language that every one has studied in high school sounds today. A very interesting experience. And I am also developing my first feature. I hope to finish writing my first draft by Spring 2012.  
DOCF has shown Catherine Maximoff’s UZES QUINTET, produced in 2003, and received with much affection and VOYAGE made with Russell Maliphant in 2006. She made another dance film with Wayne McGregor called A MOMENT IN TIME, a 30 minute work shot on HD in 20120 with the support of lesfilmsdupresent, ARTE France, MJW. This film is distributed by MK2. For more information about this French director, please visit http://www.catherinemaximoff.fr

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