Dance Film is Alive at New York Live Arts

New York Live Arts began its inaugural season last Friday, September 16th, 2011. One component of their diverse season (detailed in their press release) is the aptly named Live Gallery- a space presumably conceived of in the context of a traditional gallery but re-imagined due to the demand for movement. Launching the inaugural season of the Live Gallery are two dance films, BOXING and THE COLLECTION, works by the same creative team (Phil Harder, Rosanne Chamecki, and Andrea Lerner) behind FLYING LESSON, winner of the 2008 Dance on Camera Jury Prize.

LIVE GALLERY 219 W 19th Street New York, NY 10011

chameckilerner in collaboration with Phil Harder, BOXING and THE COLLECTION Sep – Jan, Live Gallery Talk Nov 29 at 6:30pm with Ara Merjian BOXING Ford Foundation Live Gallery Wall BOXING, originally commissioned by PERFORMA 09 as a short film, will be adapted as a triptych for the New York Live Arts Ford Foundation Live Gallery Wall. The work is a reinterpretation of a segment from the 1916 futuristic film, VITA FUTURISTA, which explores futurist ideas like simultaneity, dynamics and double exposure. By layering images of Andrea Lerner and Rosane Chamecki boxing became a perfect metaphor for their 20 year collaboration. Sometimes they are one, sometimes two but most of the times they are a third identity: a striking fusion of both – Chamecki and Lerner. THE COLLECTION New York Live Arts Elevator (World Premiere) Using movement vocabulary that is entirely appropriated from paintings, sculptures and photographs of “nudes” throughout art history THE COLLECTION moves as a sliding landscape of classical and contemporary depictions of the human form. To be naked is to be oneself, to be nude is to be seen naked by others, implying an awareness of being seen. Featuring Levi Gonzales and Hristoula Harakas, viewers are aware of the subtleties within the nude forms, some natural and unapologetic about their nakedness and others representational as if in view of a spectator.
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