From Industry to DIY

[twocol_one] The following distribute dance related films ranging from screendance to educational programming to documentaries to dance exercise. ARTPIX Notebooks Arthausmusik Bayviewentertainment Bob Rizzo C major-entertainment.com Canyon Cinema Carribean Cultural Center CICV Pierre Schaeffer Cathy Roe Productions The Cinema Guild Creative Arts Television Criterion Dance Horizons Video Direct Cinema, Ltd. Documentary Educational Resources Eye On Dance Euro Arts Facets Video Filmakers Library Filmoption International Films for the Humanities Films Inc. First Run Features First Run/Icarus Hiphop4kids Insight Media Kineticflix.com Kultur Live at Broadway Dance Center Lux.org Michael Blackwood Productions National Film Board of Canada New Yorker Films Opus Arte Rhombus Media TenduTV Unseen Cinema Video Artists International Video D View World Music Store Zeitgeist Film [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last] An overview of select DIY Distribution options.
  • FREE sign up for website
  • Submit films, trailers and description
  • Select the stores to distribute through: iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Cable VOD
  • Pay one time fee for store placement. If film is declined by store fee is refunded, minus $39 for processing
  • Once film submission is reviewed and green lit, formatted and processed, it will go live on store websites and $100 of revenues go to creator
  • Payments received at least every three months via check or PayPal 
  • FREE to sign up, upload and host one film to Distrify platform under a Beta account
  • Distrify charges a 30% revenue share on sales
  • Films are marketed and sold via viral fan base on social networking sites, affilates receive a 10% share 
  • The Distrify player promotes upcoming screenings and will 
  • Allow filmmakers to rent and sell their films online 
  • Provides FIlmmakers with a website to promote their film
  • Features integrated pay per view distribution model
  • Receive $1.25 per transaction for Full length features
  • Receive 15% per transaction ($0.99 – $1.99) for Short film
  • VOD platform 
  • Sets up design, encoding, hosting, steaming and payment 
  • Creator keeps film rights, get 100% of revenues, set prices and rental period
Film DIY
  • Payments exchanged via paypal
  • Film DIY takes 30% of payments received — which covers also the cost of streaming and support
  • Rental and Download to Own options
  • Theatrical on Demand (TOD) 
  • Film screenings are requested for movies of all kinds by anyone. Those who submit requests must include time, date and location for desired screening. Gathr Team works on arranging the screening while those who submit the requests handle promotion of the event. 
  • There is a time limit set on each request, about 30 days 
  • In order for the screening to happen, there has to be a minimum number of people who reserve tickets to the event before the time limit expires.
  • If enough tickets are reserved, the screening receives a “GreenLight” from Gathr and those who reserved tickets are charged.