Dedicated to furthering the art of dance on film.


Founded in 1951, Dance Films Association's mission is to foster connections between the worlds of dance and film; to promote excellence in dance films; to support filmmakers working specifically with dance and help them develop and augment their skills; and to connect audiences with quality films focused on movement and dance, both new works and works from the historical canon.

Vision and Values

Identifying and fostering the intersections of dance and film
The dynamism of dance and film make the two forms natural partners. We find and nurture connections where the two can most effectively work together to elevate both.

Validating and supporting the work of filmmakers working in the field of dance
Filmmakers whose work features movement and dance create films that deserve more attention. Supporting these artists to develop their skills and bringing their work to broader recognition serves to better both forms.

Connecting audiences to quality films focused on movement and dance
Both historically and at present, dance has been an integral part of the film canon. Creating opportunities to share these films with broader audiences through public programming and partnerships elevates the work and encourages filmmakers to continue making innovative work, especially at this time of rapidly evolving technology and cinematic tools.