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THE ART OF BALLET The Art of Ballet, a special edition box set, features four of our most popular dance films on four discs:BallerinaThe DancerEtoiles: Dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet and Prima Ballerina.
BALLERINA In the grand tradition of the Ballets Russes comes this portrait of five Russian ballerinas from the Mariinsky Theatre. From the backstage studio to stages around the world, Ballerina captures the sublime beauty of ballet in all its glory. MEREDITH MONK Inner VoiceThis documentary celebrates the career of composer, singer, director and choreographer Meredith Monk and illuminates the role that Buddhism has had in her artistic practice.
CARMEN & GEOFFREY This intimate documentary, which features candid interviews and glorious dance performances, demonstrates the talent and creativity of Carmen de Lavallade and Geoffrey Holder, two living legends in the world of American dance. TO DANCE LIKE A MAN In this child’s eye view on the hunger for professional success, triplets Angel, Csar and Marcos, age 11, all want the same thing a role in a major ballet production at Havana’s celebrated Grand Theatre. Who will be chosen?
DANCING DREAMS In 2008, world-famous dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch selected 40 teenagers to be part of her dance piece Contact Zone. For 10 months, the dancers discover Bausch’s genius and their own bodies. ETOILES: Dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet Celebrated filmmaker Nils Tavernier celebrates the legacy of the famed Paris Opera Ballet by weaving together rehearsals and tour snapshots of classical ballets as well as contemporary works.
DANCE FOR CAMERA Selected from festivals in Europe and North America, and winners of over 17 international awards, these six dance films are among the most outstanding examples of a new genre that merges dance and film. TUTU MUCH Through the eyes of nine young girls from around the world, Tutu Much is the behind-the-scenes story of what it takes to become a dancer, giving us a rare look at a summer that no one will ever forget.
DANCE FOR CAMERA 2 From a Butoh-inspired portrait of a demented aristocrat, to a sensual bedroom metamorphosis, this latest collection of award-winning dance films from around the world will “bewitch, bedazzle and bewilder!” PRIMA BALLERINA A double portrait of two icons of contemporary Russian ballet: Svetlana Zakharova of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow and Ulyana Lopatkina from the Mariinsky Theater in Saint Petersburg.
LAST DANCE Powerhouse creative forces unite in Mirra Bank’s award-winning film that follows the dazzling Pilobolus Dance Theater and Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are) as they collaborate on a dance-theater work honoring a Holocaust legacy. NEVER STAND STILL Dancing at Jacob’s PillowFilmed at the iconic Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, this thrilling documentary features amazing performances by world-renowned dancers interwoven with intimate interviews and rare archival footage.
DANCING ACROSS BORDERS Dancing Across Borders is the intimate story of Sokvannara “Sy” Sar who, with the help of an American dance patron, left his troupe in Cambodia to audition for the prestigious School of American Ballet. BEEN RICH ALL MY LIFE Meet the Silver Belles, five tap dancers who performed in 1930’s Harlem. Together again, after a few decades hiatus, they’re dancing to standing ovations – as sassy as they ever were.
THE DANCER The Dancer captures the determination and struggle to dance at the highest level as it follows young Katja Bjrner through years of intensive training at the Royal Swedish Ballet School as she develops into an international ballet star. BEHIND THE BURLY Q Burlesque was one of America’s most popular forms of live entertainment in the first half of the 20th century, yet now it is often vilified and misunderstood. This film tells the intimate and surprising stories of burlesque from its golden age.
SACRED STAGE The Mariinsky TheaterSacred Stage explores what the Mariinsky theater has meant to Russian and Soviet culture and how it has maintained its artistic excellence through war and the collapse of Communism. MASTER QI AND THE MONKEY KING This documentary chronicles the life and work of Qi Shu Fang, one of the preeminent masters of Chinese Opera living in the United States, and highlights the intricacies of Peking Opera.
BEHIND THE SCENES Music and DanceAn exciting exploration for children and adults into the world of music and dance, featuring choreographer David Parsons, conductor JoAnn Falletta, and musicians Max Roach and Bobby McFerrin. WE ARE THE MUSIC! This extraordinary film treats us to a rare panorama of Cuban music and dance from the 1960s. Featuring legendary Cuban musicians and vibrant performances, We Are the Music! captures the mood and vitality of Cuba during its golden period.
YOU DON’T NEED FEET TO DANCE This documentary reveals the extraordinary life of Sidiki Conde, who lost the use of his legs to polio as a child and now balances his career as a performing artist with the obstacles of life in NYC. A WINK AND A SMILE An intoxicating mix of private yearnings and public spectacle, A Wink and a Smile follows ten “ordinary” women who do something extraordinary learn the art of burlesque dancing and striptease.
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