February 12- 16, 2016

Inaugurated in 1971 and co-presented annually with the Film Society of Lincoln Center since 1996, Dance on Camera Festival continues to celebrate the immediacy of dance combined with the intimacy of film as the premier international dance film festival.



Join the Excitement

Inaugurated in 1971, and co-presented with the Film Society of Lincoln Center, our annual festival is the most anticipated and widely attended dance film event in New York City. Each year, selected artists, respected film presenters, and hundreds of film fans come together to experience the latest in groundbreaking, thought provoking, and mesmerizing dance films.

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Bring Films to Your Venue

Dance On Camera Festival films are readily available for future screenings. The tour is a unique opportunity for customized screenings or online access to our Dance On Camera Festival collection. Partnering film festival presenters, arts venues, and interested educators can curate from our collection to bring films, specifically relevant to their audiences and mission, to any location, any time.

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View Film Collection

Our archive is an expansive resource that documents over 40 years of Dance On Camera films and the evolution of dance film as an independent art form.  This set of films is part of our historic media timeline archive that covers dance film’s rich history. We are currently working to build an enhanced digitally accessible archive experience that empowers you to customize your discovery of dance film.