DFA Global

Dialogue with Global Partners and Producers

This 46th year of Dance on Camera Festival, we launch DFA Global, an international program that provides a platform of support and dialogue with global screen dance partners and producers. The Dance on Camera Festival at Film Society of Lincoln Center has a long tradition of screening international films. DFA Global is an extension of that commitment. Dance Films Association’s inaugural selections will be announced in June. Festival dates are July 20- 24, 2018.

DFA Global | July 2018 at DOCF


Fashion from Brazil, Producer, FARM

20 YEARS OF SUN is a dance film created for a dance-infused media campaign produced by FARM, a women’s wear company based in Rio de Janeiro. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, in this journey, rather than showing only the clothes, FARM aimed to combine the form, the language and the body in offering magical moments, images that move us. Although the aesthetic is closely tied to Rio de Janeiro, the film team also traveled to Marañhao National Park, where the landscape alternates between desert and lagoon.


Donna Rubin, Producer

An Improbable Dream, a no-host documentary, examines the lives of several members of the National Ballet School of Canada’s Class of 1981 from the ages of 10 to their to mid-50s. Painstakingly reconstructing fragments of archival film and personal records, An Improbable Dream offers a panoramic view of the discipline and dedication required to become a professional ballet dancer, beginning at a very early age. The Class of 1981 included a broad cross-section of dancers, from world renowned danseur Rex Harrington, to many who became dedicated teachers, and to those who would cut short their training.


Bejing Academy of Dance

The documentary NUO explores the origins of the Chinese traditional “Mask Dance” and includes dancing works created by Professor Guo Lei, President of Beijing Dance Academy. In Mask Guo Lei draws on characteristic features of traditional folk dance from his home province of Jiangxi, including the characteristic hand gestures and shaking head movements, weaving the traditional rustic form with contemporary performance and choreography.

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