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The film is an adaptation of a trio for three women to the music of Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber’s Passacaglia for solo violin. It is a reflection on the relationship between time and a person’s identity. The three dancers represent the past, present and future of a single person. One often attempts to create clarity by categorizing moments, emotions, and relationships with the aid of the deceptively simple three titles: past, present and future. These vague terms refer to regions of time, making them quantifiable, but also refer to concepts, making them qualitative. This dichotomy can create a suspension of understanding. The boundaries between each shift depending upon units of time and emotional need, as well as a willingness to accept events.

The location for the film, a key component, is the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. The Salt Flats offer a sense of infinity and lack of boundary, landmarks or architecture. With none of these to act as a reference of scale or distance, the frame of the shots and the dancers’ movement will be the only determinants of space, and therefore time. The simplicity of the surroundings allows a sense of isolation for the dancer when framed alone and will create a striking visual of unity when the dancers are together. These visual aesthetics will reflect and support the theme of time and identity, allowing a correlation between the visuals and the narrative.


Director: Mina Lawton
Assistant Director: Traci Finch
Cinematographer: Christopher Eadicicco
Dancers: Sarah Atkins,Traci Finch, Mina Lawton
Costume Design and Construction: Sarah Thea Swafford

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