The Other Side of Stillness

Work-In-Progress Screening: The Other Side of Stillness

Centered on process and discussion, this year’s Work-In-Progress screening will feature The Other Side of Stillness by Alexx Shilling | alexx makes dances, the selected film from Dance Films Association’s Production Grant application pool. Moderated by Yara Travieso, an award-winning multimedia director, choreographer, and filmmaker.


Saturday, February 13
5:00 PM

Free Event



Concept, Direction and Editing:
Alexx Shilling / alexx makes dances


Director of Photography:
Taso Papadakis


Original Sound:
Jesse Neuman


Brought to life by The Modern Dancers of America:
Barry Brannum
Alison D’Amato
Laurel Jenkins
Sarah Leddy
Madison Page
Gwyneth Shanks
Alexx Shilling
Devika Wickremesinghe

Production Grant

Recipient of the Work-in-Progress Screening in 2015

Learn More About the Production Grant

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