Selfie Dance Duet, Daphna Mero


The starting point for these experimental video works – Selfiesism inside out and Selfiesism, a Dance Duet is the relatively new term “Selfie.” These video works will question the current use of Selfie, challenge it, break it, and recreate it, suggesting a new instruction manual. While the Selfie is usually a still, frontal picture of a face, which is meticulously chosen, the Selfie in these works was shot on video mode while the body is moving, thus adding to the Selfie: time, sound, and movement. The resulting image, free from conventional aesthetics, portrays a multidimensional self accompanied by site-specific and body-specific music.

Daphna Mero is a film director, choreographer, and professional dancer who splits her time between New York and Jerusalem. She holds a B.Dance from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, a film diploma from Minshar for Art, Tel-Aviv, and a MFA in Film/Video from MassArt, Boston. Her work draws inspiration from locations, spaces, and sites, and deals with the human experience via a novel medium, incorporating visual art and dance. Her short experimental films have been screened in film festivals around the world, and she has won many awards and prizes for her work.

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2017 Artist-in-Residence

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