From There to Here

Still Frame from FROM THERE TO HERE, Cinematography by Paulius Kontijevas

From There to Here

Move From There to Here with the dancers of Kolkata Sanved in this cinematic portrait of graceful change-makers using dance movement therapy to heal and empower themselves and some of Kolkata, India’s most vulnerable populations from the emotional and physical wounds inflicted by human trafficking, sexual violence, and marginalization.


Their personal stories of resilience, growth, and perseverance are intricately woven into choreography, evoking and rejecting the restrictions placed on women’s bodies in Indian society. Through a unique dance dialogue, these activists and healers show what it means to empower lives and advocate for justice, gender equality, and freedom.

Directors: Sydney Skov and Janique Robillard

Director of Photography: Paulius Kontijevas

Colorist: ChromaColor, Jordan Snider

Editor: Janique L. Robillard

Production Grant

Recipient of the full award in 2016

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