Bring your body and your phone to this embodied exploration of the Earthdance grounds.  Escape is designed for anyone who has ever wanted to hurl their phone as far away as possible, anyone who checks their phone before going to the bathroom in the morning, and anyone who has been annoyed by the presence of a phone at a live performance.

Can the cell phone, this instrument of compulsion and anxiety, be used as a device to pull us into slowness or tranquility?  Can we be more present with our bodies and with each other, as a result of our phones?  Could your phone be… whimsical?

Ellen Chenoweth is a cultural worker based in Philadelphia interested in both digital and analog presence. Her Augmented Reality (AR) installation/protest at the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas, Texas garnered national media coverage. Another AR project, Links in the Landscape, explored Philadelphia performance history and featured interviews with choreographers and video samples of work installed at relevant performance sites throughout the city.  She is a recent graduate from Wesleyan University’s Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance. Chenoweth is currently the Executive Director of thINKingDANCE, and the Director of Development and Communications for Pig Iron Theatre Company.

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IMAGINE Festival Residency

2017 Artist-in-Residence

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