Cineastes of Our Times: Busby Berkeley

Buy Tickets: Monday February 4, 1:30pm

CINEASTES OF OUR TIMES: BUSBY BERKELEY (1971) 60min Director: Hubert Knapp & André S. Labarthe Country: France In 1971, Henri Langlois mounted an impressive Busby Berkeley retrospective at the Cinematheque Française—the first ever held in France—and this episode was made in conjunction with that. Using excerpts from several of his legendary numbers from 42nd Street, Dames and Gold Diggers of 1933, Berkeley discusses the technical challenges he faced: how to set up a shot with 100 women in a swimming pool, how to multiply the image of a couple dancing, how to have the camera dive from the roof of Warner Brothers. Screening with RAUNCH UND SPIEGEL (2012) 5min, 56sec Director: Nick Moore Country: Australia The film shows where slight-of-hand meets spectacle and how circus becomes cinema. WHO BY FIRE (2012) 4min Director: Jacob Niedzwiecki Country: Canada WHO BY FIRE is a memorial procession, with tight harmonic coordination creating intricate, transient patterns across a group of performers using and iPhone app to feed fifteen separate tracks of audio to the fifteen performers in perfect synchronization.
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