2012 Meet the Artists

2012 Meet the Artists

Special Programming

Meet the Artist at Elinor Munroe Bunin Film Center

Nuria Font

Appearing courtesy of the Consulate General of Spain, with support from the Institut Ramon Llull, filmmaker/producer Nuria Font has been running Mostra de VideoDansa, a Spainish biannual dance film festival  for twenty years and her own production company Nu2 since 2003. She has been a galvanizing force for dance on camera, commissioning films from Spanish artists, exhibiting them internationally, and conducting research into the field. She will present excerpts from: La Poca Casa (A natural history of dance) Dionis Escorsa; Spain; 2007; 6m Choreography by Raquel Millan, performed by Raquel Millan, Fran Blanes, Francesc Garriga, Piti the Cat, this short presents an unresolved relationship conflict that produces a fork in time. Two possibilities coexist simultaneously: she continues to live in the house they had shared, and so does he… but both are alone, at the same time, in parallel worlds. Malpelo: Los Pies Sobre La Tierra, Los Brazos En Movimiento Nuria Font; Spain; 2011; 25m fragment Nuria Font writes, “A working title of the documentary that I embarked on a year ago,  although it is actually the latest stage of a work in progress that  began 20 years ago when I met and began an intense professional and  personal relationship with María Munñoz and Pep Ramis. My camera has documented  most of their stage productions and the creation processes leading up  to them, as well as their life plans, their family and the  construction of l’animal a l’wsquena, the center of creation which  they direct. My village is 10 kilometers from theirs, we live three  train stations apart in a rural area in northern Catalonia. So we also  have a landscape in common, a land that has been a key reference for Pep and María in their creative work and their lives. The visual creations, interviews and other material that will make up  the documentary are not archival images. They draw on memories of this  shared journey, which are a springboard from which to attempt, now, to construct a subjective, personal portrait of them and their environment.” Escenari Oscar Dasi/Carmelo Salazar/Bea Fernandez; Spain; 1995; 14m Performed by Bea Fernández and Carmelo Salazar, Escenari offers a voyeuristic, intimate view of a couple as shot by a cameraman that reveals its own corporal intensity. Divadlo Guillem Morales; Spain; 2001; 10m Choreographed/performed by Erre que Erre with music by Martin Sebastian Fuks The audience is immersed in the universe of Jan Saudek (photographer – Prague, 1935) with physical contact, ostentatious eroticism, aggression, drunken states, passion: a world of delicious sins, untamed emotions and unconfessed desires. Aprop Aitor Echeverría; Spain; 2006; 6m Choreography/performance by Carolina Alejos & Silvia Martinez, music: Gerard Casajús, this short shown also in DOCF 2006, is a stunner. The copy reads, “You sleep, you are roused by the touch of familiar skin. A finger lightly traces a line along your back. That sigh, that voice, invites you to play. Up close, the most ordinary gestures turn into an extraordinary dance.” Peix Núria Font/Àngels Margarit; Spain; 1994; 7m Music made by Joan Saure and performed by: L. Liza, A. Navarro, J. Palau, F. Seguette, G. Góngora, Peix is a study involving the weather,  the dance on the water…  

Clara van Gool

Appearing courtesy of Consulate General of The Netherlands, Dutch filmmaker Clara van Gool (ENTER ACHILLES, NUSSIN, BITINGS AND OTHER EFFECTS) has had a steady stream of winning dance films, including this year’s premiere at DOCF – COUP DE GRACE. DOCF Curator Deirdre Towers will interview van Gool about her approach, her philosophy, and her collaborators.  

Richard Daniels

Modern dance now has a new performance space: the iPhone, with a free app called Dances for an iPhone, created by choreographer/videographer Richard Daniels. He will present four solos from Vol 4 to music by Scriabin,  a demonstration of how the app works, followed by a conversation, moderated by Norton Owen with some of the dancers who appear in videos.  Some of the anticipated participants are Risa Steinberg, Christine Wright, Molissa Fenley, Barbara Mahler and David Leventhal.
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