Fall Internships with Dance Films Association

Internships for Fall 2013

Please email brighid@dancefilms.org your resume and cover letter with “Internship” as the subject.

Standard Requirements

  • Recent college graduate or currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree with a 3.0 GPA or higher.
  • Interest in dance film and desire to see many hours of film archive footage.
  • The ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Attention to detail and discrepancy.
  • Ability to multi-task.
  • Commitment to 10hrs/week.
  • Attend and assist 2 events during internship
  • Work in the DFA office one day per week

Compensation While this is an unpaid internship, DFA is happy to offer course credit if the applicant is a student at an accredited college/university or a travel stipend for this position. Also certain member benefits are available to interns and interns may attend events and workshops and no cost.

Start Immediately

Archive Internship The Archive Intern will work closely with DFA Staff to oversee the organization of and research surrounding our dance film archive. Since DFA’s office is moving to a new space on October 1, the physical collection will need to be organized in preparation for the relocation during the month of September. Duties will include cross-referencing databases alongside our physical collection as well as streamlining the collection, noting duplicates and missing items. Additional duties will include analyzing various spreadsheets containing information from multiple archive collections and strategizing ways in which the archive can become public. Read more about our vision for the archive through our ArtsFwd Business Unusual Challenge Application. Beyond assessing the existing archive, the Archive Intern, with the Communications Associate, will oversee print traffic for the 2014 Dance on Camera Festival, focusing on adding those films to the archive. This will include communication with the posthouse DFA works with and the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

Requirements and Responsibilities

  • Ability to organize database information in detailed spreadsheets
  • Research grants that fund archive initiatives
  • Develop and implement plans to make the archive public
  • Knowledge of a variety of different film and video formats
  • Technical understanding of print traffic for film festivals
  • Light manual labor in sorting through physical archives and assisting with move
  • Attend and assist 2 events through December 2013
  • Work in the DFA office one day per week

Outreach Internship The Outreach Intern will work closely with DFA Staff to implement DFA’s branding and marketing campaign, develop targeted outreach, and maintain communications with various stakeholders. Duties include disseminating DFA’s marketing package to appropriate organizations and businesses, managing advertising sales both on our website and in the Dance on Camera Festival program, and researching likely partner or programmatic organizations. Additionally, the Outreach Intern with help organize DFA’s annual gala benefit event by maintaining invitation lists and ticket sales. Other duties include maximizing the use of outside social media platforms such as Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter and developing a communications schedule. Moving to a new office space on October 1, the Outreach Intern will also help research furniture donation programs and coordinate furniture pick-ups and delivery.

Requirements and Responsibilities

  • Excellent communication skills to speak with potential donors, sponsors, and advertisers
  • Proficiency in WordPress and simple coding skills are not required, but very useful
  • Knowledge of the dance field and film industry for future partners
  • Manual labor to assist with move
  • Attend and assist 2 events through December 2013
  • Work in the DFA office one day per week
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