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On the occasion of its 41st edition, focus on ten video dances selected by the festival DANCE ON CAMERAorganized every year by the very dynamic New York Dance Films Association and the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Short films from around the world where dance is revisited by and for the picture.
In participation with Numeridanse.TV, Dance Films Association welcomes you to watch the following short films from the 2013 Dance on Camera Festival until March 6.

Dance Me To the End of Love

Leeanna Walsman and Oliver Torr dance their final performance together in Dance Me To the End of Love.By Martha Goddard. Australia, 2012 Mary and John embark on a journey to the end of love. Fraught with indecision and fearful of what happened next, they both struggle to let go but when the moment comes it’s nothing like what they expected. ‘Dance Me to the End of Love’ is a heartfelt, experiential journey that navigates through the universally painful territory of breaking up.

North Horizon

North_Horizon_still_01_sunsetBy Thomas Freundlich & Valtteri Raekallio, Finland, 2010 Shot on location in Spitsbergen, Svalbard, NORTH HORIZON combines contemporary dance with the spectacular natural vistas of the high Arctic. In a a silent world of wind, waves and ice, abandoned villages stand at the edge of the northern ocean, home now only to forgotten dreams and the wordless tales of the unknown departed. The film explores these images through the enormous contrasts of scale between the moving human body and the seemingly still, boundless Arctic landscape- a unique artistic and environmental journey from the far edge of the world.


Picture-2By Doug Rosenberg, United States, 2012 Circling is a meditation on place, the passing of time and the cyclical nature of life. Featuring renowned choreographer/dancer Sally Gross and shot at locations including architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin, Circling is a poetic rendering of what it means to be deeply at home in both the landscape and the dancing body.

En Avant

EnAvant_GabrielleLamb2By Gabrielle Lamb, United States, 2012 In Fall of 2012, after an 8-year hiatus, the Dance Theatre of Harlem returned to the stage under the direction of founding member and former principal ballerina Virginia Johnson. On the eve of the company’s comeback, filmmaker Gabrielle Lamb, herself a dancer, followed young members of the DTH Ensemble (second company) who aspired to make the transition into the main troupe. In a collage of voice-overs by Ms. Johnson and the dancers with both present-day and archival footage, Ms. Lamb tells the story of the talented artists who have created a unique and resilient American institution.

Brother’s Keeper

Brother's Keeper_Marta Renzi_screenshot.jpegBy Marta Renzi, United States, 2011 A moody space of dark and light where three young men explore their social, physical and animal natures. In solos, duets and trios, they gradually disrobe, shaking off the gaze of the spectator and emerging as three angelic, solitary and impassioned individuals.


MenuettBy Jukka Rajala-Granstubb, Finland, 2012 A barefooted Finnish dancefilm with folk music. In the 18th century a Franch court dance, the minuett, arrived in Finland. The time-period was very conventional. Feelings couldn’t be expressed openly, men and women kept themselves apart in public. This type of behavior suited the Finns, the people from the forest. In the Minuett dance, the only physical contact between men and women was a humble holding of hands. All the rumbling feelings culminated in that touch.


MOON_JohannaWitherby_PatrickRuskBy Johanna Witherby, United States, 2012 Two space dancers explore the moon, July 20, 1969.

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