Closing Day for Dance on Camera is Here!

Dance Film Association  
February 5, 2013

Dance on Camera February 1-5, 2013

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To Dance Like A ManTO DANCE LIKE A MAN Capturing Motion NYC Winner, EN AVANT, and DOUBLE TAKE February 5, 6:00pm Francesca Beale Theater Closing Night Reception at the Furman Gallery February 5, 7:00pm Furman Gallery Trash DanceTRASH DANCE AMERICAN OVERTURE and SPARKLE February 5, 8:00pm Francesca Beale Theater


Gallery Exhibits Last Chance to Visit Today!

A Dance of LightA Dance of Life: Forty-Years of Self Portraits by Arno Rafael Minkkinen February 5, open from 3-9 Furman Gallery In A Dance of Light, I trust the viewer to provide his or her own choreography. How did the hands come up out of the snow? Did the cliff edge crumble and give way after the shutter clicked? Well, I’m here so that, thank God, didn’t happen. In all of the works, as the surrounding light shapes and holds the moment and place still in time, I try to discover the posture through which magic might happen. I can never be sure because I am never behind the camera. For me, for these last 42 years now, it always has been a dance of happenstance. Dance on PaperDance on Paper by Diego Agunda Pinilla February 5, open 1-6 25CPW Gallery My artwork is focused on making a Portrait of Movement in a handcrafted way. I consider that every person has a specific and unique way of move themselves: The way they walk, the expressions in their daily day…As my artwork it is totally handcraft  using only coloured pencils and paper as in the traditional animation filmmaking, I have wanted to accompany the projection of the film with a few pictures that reflects the work-in-progress of the animation sequences.
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