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With the installations kicking off last night, the first screenings of the 2013 Dance on Camera Film Festival are just a few short hours away! If you have not yet had the opportunity to secure your tickets for the best of dance films from around the world, there are still tickets available for these must-see films. Also, please remember that even films with no advance ticket availability still have standby tickets available, so no need to worry if the film you had your heart set on is no longer ticketing online! To see the full list of films with advance and standby availability, visit the Film Society of Lincoln Center website. LADS GO DANCING Take a trip to Switzerland with this fascinating documentary by Steve Walker, which focusses on the nation’s cultural institutions of the Bern: Ballet and the Bern Metropolitan Theatre. The film features two dancers striving to become choreographers, and the Kummerbuben, a hard rock band that longs to perform with the dancers. In addition to featuring some of the most innovative moments of staging and performance that you may see all year, the film is a tribute to the relationship between music and dance which, however unusual the pairing or how difficult it is to forge, can heighten the power of both.



A perfect complement to the work of Shirley Clarke being shown throughout the festival, Los Tarantos is both very much of its 1960s era, and utterly timeless in its depiction of passion and star-crossed love. Taking as its inspiration Romeo and Juliet and, some suspect, its more modern urban update West Side Story, Francisco Rovira Beleta brings a fresh take on the tale through distinctive Catalan gitano dance. Although the film was nominated for a 1963 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, it is rarely screened, so this is a very special opportunity to see the groundbreaking work in theaters.


b3 A rarely screened 40s film noir that lives up to its evocative title, Suspense follows the exploits of an out-of-work drifter butting heads with a glamorous ice dancer (played by real-life English skater Belita) when her husband hires him to manage her musical review. The real problems begin when the two start to get along; the husband becomes suspicious and decides to seek revenge. Like an early noir version of The Cutting Edge, director Frank Tuttle’s Suspense delights in the romantic friction between two very different characters, but supports the story with truly exceptional choreography. Along with Ice Theatre of New York, Suspense is part of this year’s sidebar on the art of ice dancing. VIRTUOSI This festival is not only an opportunity to see dance from eras and cultures that are less familiar to us, but also to delve into the lives of dancers driven by ambition, discipline, and passion. Sue Healey take the cult of personality approach, following eight dancers from her native New Zealand as they struggle to make it. All of her subjects moved from New Zealand at a young age to pursue dance in cities around the world. FIlled with beautiful performances in unexpected locations, Virtuosi celebrates the strength required to make it in a physically and emotionally demanding industry, in addition to the power of dance itself. And the closing night film!


In many ways, Andrew Garrison’s film about an Austin-based choreographer named Allison Orr who organizes a dance performance with her local garbage collectors (and their trucks and cranes!) is a perfect example of why the Dance on Camera Festival exists. This truly inspiring film shows that dance is not just an activity for professional perfromance, but a part of the every day rhythm and motion of life. Trash Dance also screens with the short film Sparkle, by documentary veterans Julia Reichert and Steve Bognar, which focusses on another strong woman in dance: Sheri “Sparkle” Williams, the heart of the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company for nearly 40 years. By Farihah Zaman  

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LADS GO DANCING Buy Tickets: Saturday February 2, 6:30pm

LOS TARANTOS Buy Tickets: Sunday February 3, 3:30pm

VIRTUOSI Buy Tickets: Monday February 4, 3:30pm

SUSPENSE Buy Tickets: Tuesday February 5, 3;30pm

TRASH DANCE Buy Tickets: Tuesday February 5, 8:00pm


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