FSLC and DFA Announce the 41st Edition of Dance on Camera


The Film Society of Lincoln Center and Dance Films Association announce the 41st edition of DANCE ON CAMERA February 1-5, 2013

Opening Night launches with the World Premiere of  Alan Brown’s FIVE DANCES

Lineup highlights include the 50th Anniversary of Francisco Rovira Beleta’s flamenco classic, LOS TARANTOS; ice dancing with Olympic legend Dick Button,  and a salute to pioneer dance filmmaker Shirley Clarke

“A Dance of Light: Forty-Years of Self-Portraits by Arno Rafael Minkkinen,” photography exhibit will be on display

New York, NY, December 5, 2012 – The Film Society of Lincoln Center and Dance Films Association today announced the lineup for the 41st edition of Dance on Camera. Taking place February 1-5, the dance-centric film festival returns to the Film Society for the 17th consecutive year with an exciting and diverse array of dance films, including several premieres. This year’s selections range widely in subject and genre beginning with the Opening Night presentation of Alan Brown’s youthful, sexy contemporary coming of age film, FIVE DANCES, with stunning choreography by Jonah Bokaer. Closing Night honors will be shared by Sylvie Collier’s charming documentary TO DANCE LIKE A MAN, featuring the first known Cuban identical boy triplets – 11-year-old students at the National Ballet School in Havana, and Andrew Garrison’s TRASH DANCE inventive choreographed “dance” of Austin, Texas garbage collectors. “Dance on Camera is an exuberant hybrid. Its roots hold the seeds of innovation inherent in the concept of combining dance with cinematography in ways that alter one’s perception of both mediums,” said Joanna Ney, co-curator of the Dance on Camera Festival. “While recorded dance has its place, this year we are reaching beyond  traditional genres to encompass ideas we have not explored before, with programs devoted to ice dancing, the body’s relationship to landscape and music, and the fusion of choreography and narrative in non- verbal ways.” The festival will make its first foray into the glamorous and virtuosic genre of ice dancing, as it captures the artistry of the Ice Theatre of New York, the nation’s premier ice dance company, through film excerpts and a personal appearance by Dick Button and other guests. Another first for Dance on Camera is the focus on music as it relates to dance, through a program of Music Videos from Sigur Rós’ newest album “Valtari,” as well as Kimmo Koskela’s feature-length music documentary, SOUNDBREAKER: THE WORLD OF KIMMO POHJONEN, which explores the creative process of the internationally known Finnish accordion player and composer whose approach to this traditional instrument is anything but traditional, as he breaks all rules and pushes the boundaries about as far as they can go. Additional highlights includ the 50th anniversary of Francisco Rovira Beleta’s great flamenco film, LOS TARANTOS starring Antonio Gades and Carmen Amaya, as well as a salute to Shirley Clarke, the pioneering New York filmmaker best known for her rhythmic and intense explorations of Bohemian life (THE CONNECTION, THE COOL WORLD) and a special look at film legend and innovator Busby Berkeley. Clarke will be honored in two programs that focus on her artistic life as a dancer/choreographer with a showing of her short dance films made in the 1950’s, as well as André Labarthe’s documentary ROME IS BURNING (1970), which include cameos by Jonas Mekas and Yoko Ono, and Donna Cameron’s SHIRLEY CLARKE: IN OUR TIME, a collaboration between the two artists made toward the end of Clarke’s life. Berkeley appears in a Cineastes of our Times documentary from 1971. In the film, Berkeley reveals exactly how he shot some of his most spectacular dance numbers in classic Hollywood films such as FORTY SECOND STREET and GOLDDIGGERS OF 1933 in a surprisingly candid interview conducted toward the end of his life. “Since dance films are ever evolving, we hope that this year’s programs will allow audiences new ways to experience dance on camera. We’ve selected films and programs that are currently stretching the boundaries of the art form, and invited filmmakers who are using dance on camera and new media in an innovative ways,” says Dance on Camera Festival co-curator Liz Wolff. In connection with the Dance on Camera Festival, “A Dance of Light: Forty-Years of Self-Portraits by Arno Rafael Minkkinen,” an exhibit of striking black and white images by Finnish/American photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen, will be presented in the Furman Gallery of the Walter Reade Theater beginning January 25 through February 5. These works reflect this adventurous artist’s preoccupation with portraiture and landscape, which he has been exploring for many years. Minkkinen is a Finnish-American artist born in Helsinki, raised in New York, internationally published and exhibited. His works appear in many prominent museums and private collections. Knighted in his native Finland, Minkkinen is a professor of art at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and a docent at University of Art and Design in Helsinki. Minkkinen will also present a segment from THE RAIN HOUSE, his latest film collaboration with Kimmo Koskela, the director of SOUNDBREAKER: THE WORLD OF KIMMO POHJONEN. Osvaldo Da Silva of Barry Friedman LTD assisted making the presentation possible. Examining dance film beyond the movie theater screen, Dance on Camera will also feature an installation of short dance films at 25CPW Gallery showcasing the work of Diego Agudo Pinilla, among others as well as a special screening that explores dance films in both commercial and artistic contexts with filmmaker, choreographer and Bessie Award winning performer, Celia Rowlson-Hall and conceptual video artist, Brian Gonzalez. Dance on Camera is made possible with the support of the National Endowment for the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the Jerome Robbins Foundation, Spain Culture New York-Consulate General of Spain: member organization of the network Spain Arts and Culture, Consulate General of Finland, the Susan Braun Trust, and DFA members. Tickets go on sale Thursday, January 24 at the Elinor Bunin Munroe’s box office and the Walter Reade Theater’s box office and online at FilmLinc.com. Discounts on tickets are available for students, seniors, Film Society and Dance Film Association members. Everyone can enjoy special package discounts. For more information visit FilmLinc.com. Public Screenings will be held at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center (located at 144 West 65th Street). The photo exhibit is at The Freida and Roy Furman Gallery (located at 165 West 65th Street). The gallery showcase and installation is at 25CPW (25 Central Park West at 62nd Street). PRESS SCREENINGS FOR THE 2013 EDITION OF DANCE ON CAMERA WILL TAKE PLACE JANUARY 14-17. DETAILS TBA.


OPENING NIGHT WORLD PREMIERE! FIVE DANCES (2013) 83min Director: Alan Brown Country: USA A coming of age tale of an extraordinarily gifted young dancer (Ryan Steele, in his first film role), FIVE DANCES is a visually sensual glimpse of life and first love in New York’s downtown contemporary dance world. Written and directed by Alan Brown (PRIVATE ROMEO, SUPERHEROES, BOOK OF LOVE), and choreographed by Jonah Bokaer, with a cast of five of New York’s most talented dancers, the film captures the turbulence and excitement of a small dance company during the process of creation. Director Alan Brown, cinematographer Derek McKane, lead actor/dancer Ryan Steele, and other cast members will attend the screening.        Screening with TRANSPORTATION (2013) 3min, 59sec Director: Milan Misko Country: USA TRANSPORTATION is a short dance film self directed and performed by Milan Misko that explores surrealism in movement. Milan portrays a character swept away on an unpredictable journey through New York City resulting in an encounter with himself. CLOSING NIGHT NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE! TO DANCE LIKE A MAN (2011) 58min Director: Sylvie Collier Country: UK Collier’s documentary follows Cuban identical triplets Angel, César and Marcos, the  top young students at Cuba’s renowned National Ballet School as they are poised to begin their dancing careers. Ballet star José Carreño tells the 11-year-olds to pursue their dream, just as he did when he was growing up in Havana and teachers comment that all three show equal emerging talent. The film explores a child’s eye view on determination and hunger for professional success in context of Cuba’s surprising impact on formation of male dancers. Director Sylvie Collier, and the triplets, Angel, César and Marcos will attend the screening. Screening with EN AVANT (2012) 12min Director: Gabrielle Lamb Country: Canada In Fall of 2012, after an 8-year hiatus, the Dance Theatre of Harlem returned to the stage under the direction of founding member and former principal ballerina Virginia Johnson. On the eve of the company’s comeback, filmmaker Gabrielle Lamb, herself a dancer, followed young members of the DTH Ensemble (second company) who aspired to make the transition into the main troupe.  In a collage of voice-overs by Ms. Johnson and the dancers with both present-day and archival footage, Ms. Lamb tells the story of the talented artists who have created a unique and resilient American institution. DOUBLE TAKE (2012) 3min, 10sec Director: Samuel Hodges Country: UK Inspired by the story of real-life identical twin dancers, DOUBLE TAKE is a story of family rivalry and aging bodies. Part-drama, part-documentary, it charts each man’s journey to re-connect with his mirror and find redemption along a trail of forgotten memories.   NEW YORK PREMIERE! TRASH DANCE (2012) 67min, 11sec Director: Andrew Garrison Country: USA Sometimes inspiration is found in unexpected places. Choreographer Allison Orr sees beauty and grace in garbage trucks — and in the men and women who pick up our trash. She joins city sanitation workers in Austin, Texas to listen, learn, and try to convince them to collaborate in a unique dance performance. Often carrying a second job, their lives are already full with work, family and dreams of their own. But twenty-four trash collectors step forward with their trucks to perform an extraordinary spectacle. On an abandoned airport runway, thousands of people show up to see how a garbage truck can “”dance” – a spirited grass-roots community enterprise that shows how art and society can blend to create a work of art. Andrew Garrison and Allison Orr will attend the screening. Screening with NEW YORK PREMIERE! SPARKLE (2011) 18min Directors: Julia Reichert and Steve Bognar Country: USA Sheri “Sparkle” Williams has been a star dancer with the legendary Dayton Contemporary Dance Company for nearly 40 years – a record virtually unheard of in the professional dance community. Ms. Williams is one of the few dancers outside of New York to be honored with the prestigious Bessie Award for Individual Performance. She has worked Merce Cunningham, Bill T. Jones, Bebe Miller, and her mentor, Jeraldyne Blunden. However, when the powerhouse dancer suffers her first serious injury, she faces the question – does she have the will it will take to return to the stage, as her 50th birthday approaches. Director Julia Reichert and performer Sheri Williams will attend the screening. AMERICAN OVERTURE (2012) 6min, 15sec Director: John T. Williams Country: USA AMERICAN OVERTURE is produced and directed by award winning dance filmmaker, John T. Williams which celebrates American diversity, culture, religious freedom, art, innovation and equality set in a collage of iconic surreal imagery. Choreography by Shannon Roberts with performances by San Francisco Ballet dancers Shannon Roberts, Luke Willis and Nutnaree Pipit-Suksun.     MAIN SLATE  WORLD PREMIERE! A GIRL FROM MEXICO (2012) 50min Director: Maclovia Martel Country: Mexico A lively and personal documentary on the life of Carmen Gutierrez, the first Mexican dancer to perform on Broadway. The film follows Gutierrez’s career from Bellas Artes in Mexico City with Anna Sokolow to the Ballet Russe (1946), on to Broadway with productions including; “Carousel” choreographed by Agnes de Mille, “Finian’s Rainbow” (Michael Kidd), “The King and I” (Jerome Robbins), “Candide” (Anna Sokolow), and “West Side Story” (Jerome Robbins). Her life has a surprise second chapter as a high-end fashion designer in New York. In person mother and daughter, Carmen G. and Maclovia Martel. Screening with A MOMENT IN LOVE (1957) 8min Director: Shirley Clarke Country: USA Rather than one unbroken motion in space as in DANCE IN THE SUN, here Clarke shoots double images of the same movement, sometime placed in different parts of the frame, sometimes with a slight time delay, effectively used to create an intensity of mood and tension in a passionate relationship of two young lovers. A beautiful experiment in cinedance in which dreams and fantasies become visual realities through the magic of the camera. Performed by Carmen Gutierrez (A GIRL FROM MEXICO) and modern dance legend Paul Sanasardo, choreographed by Anna Sokolow, to music by Norman Lloyd.   MICHIO ITO PIONEERING DANCER CHOREOGRAPHER (2012) 21min, 20sec Director: Bonnie Oda Homsey Country: USA Michio Ito may be one of the most important historical modern dance figures you have never heard of. Prolific and innovative in the 20’s and 30’s in New York and Los Angeles, he returned to Japan in 1945 and effectively disappeared from dance history. This film traces his amazing journey from Japan to Europe to America, from success to reversal and obscurity and finally to re-discovery. It features interviews with granddaughter, company members and scholars to provide a rich picture of a singular artist.   NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE! LADS GO DANCING (2012) 85min Director: Steve Walker Country: Switzerland Two dancers of the BERN: BALLET want to make the great leap to become choreographers – they sacrifice all their time and energy for that goal. As the first Rock band ever, the KUMMERBUBEN want to play on the ‘hallow’ stage of the Bern Metropolitan Theatre. LADS GO DANCING tells the story of two different worlds on one stage, of sweat and pain, hierarchy and anarchy and of the liberating moments of a successful fusion of dance and music. Screening with PRIVATE I’S Director: Oren Shkedy Country: Israel PRIVATE I’S follows the construction, eruption, corruption and destruction of the masculine self and other. It investigates the boundaries of masculinity, and the forces that operate on the male body, while borrowing from different cultures and modalities.   MATTHEW BOURNE’S SWAN LAKE 3D (2011) 120min Director: Ross MacGibbon Country: UK When it premiered at Sadler’s Wells in 1995, Matthew Bourne’s triumphant re–interpretation of Swan Lake turned tradition upside down, taking the dance world by storm. An iconic production, perhaps best–known for replacing the traditional female corps de ballet with a menacing male ensemble, this modern day classic has been filmed for the first time in stunning 3D with state of the art surround sound. Breathtaking in its drama and intensity, filming in 3D creates an illusion of space around the dancers, drawing the audience onto the stage and bringing a dramatic realism to the story.   NEW YORK PREMIERE! MERCE CUNNINGHAM: A LEGACY OF DANCE(2012) 56min Director: Marie-Hélène Rebois Country: France Two years after Merce Cunnigham’s death, during the Last Tour and the formidable digital undertaking to ensure his repertory lives on, Rebois’s documentary follows the challenge that lawyers, directors, dancers, musicians, archivist, repeaters, managers, try to meet as they follow the “Cunningham Legacy Plan” they have developed with Merce himself before his death. Screening with CHOROS (2011) 13min Directors: Michael Langan and Terah Maher Country: USA In the tradition of Marey and McLaren, Michael Langan and Terah Maher combine music, dance, and image multiplication to create a film that enhances our perception of motion. CHOROS delivers a visually mesmerizing narrative in three movements, following a dancer’s (Maher) experience of discovery, euphoria, and rebirth through this surreal phenomenon. Featuring music from Steve Reich’s “Music for 18 Musicians.” CIRCLING (2012) 14min Director: Douglas Rosenberg Country: USA Circling is a meditation on place, the passing of time and the cyclical nature of life. Featuring renowned choreographer/dancer Sally Gross and shot at locations including architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin, Circling is a poetic rendering of what it means to be deeply at home in both the landscape and the dancing body.   PAUL TAYLOR: DANCEMAKER (1998) 98min Director: Matthew Diamond Country: USA Nominated for an Oscar in 1999, PAUL TAYLOR: DANCEMAKER is a breathtaking journey into the world of preeminent choreographer, Paul Taylor, and his extraordinary creations. The film offers a rare glimpse into the mysteries of creative life, the obsession and talent of Taylor’s dancers, and the mind of an artistic genius. Special Guests from the Paul Taylor Dance Co., John Tomlinson, Executive Director, Dancers: Patrick Corbin, Rachel Berman, Michael Trusnovec and Tom Patrick, Ross Kramberg, Past Executive Director (at time of film), and Stacey-Jo Marine, Past Stage Manager (at time of film), will attend the screening. Screening with THE PINK PONY (2012) 7min Director: John Walter Country: USA A musical comedy in the spirit of Ernst Lubitsch, THE PINK PONY tells the story of a blind date that starts off on the wrong foot and ends quickly.   NEW YORK PREMIERE! SHIKAKU: NOISM 4 (2004) 69min Director: Jo Kanamori Country: Japan The choreographer Jo Kanamori is the artistic director of Dance Company Noism, the only contemporary dance company in Japan, based in Nigata. Noism refers to “no established principles.” The company signature style is a blend of eastern influences and western ideas gleaned from Kanamori’s European training in Maurice Bejart’s Rudra Bejart School in Lausanne and exposure to Mats Ek and other western choreographers. SHIKAKU is a collaboration between the choreographer, the Japanese architect Tsuyoshi Tane, and the musician Masahiro Hiramoto. Screening made possible through the assistance of Marty Gross of Marty Gross Films.   NEW YORK PREMIERE! SOUNDBREAKER: THE WORLD OF KIMMO POHJONEN (2011) 86min Director: Kimmo Koskela Country: Finland Kimmo Pohjonen, Finland’s enfant terrible of the accordion, has had a single mission in life: to expand the sound, scope, performance and experience of the instrument to levels never before, attempted, seen or heard. This extraordinary film documents Kimmo’s journey from reluctant accordionist—his entire family were players—to creative visionary whose compositions encompass a range from classical collaboration with the Kronos String Quartet to explorations into mechanical noise, and accordion wrestling, a popular Finnish sport/dance tradition dating back to the early Olympics. This personal, passionate story is set against a landscape of staggering and desolate beauty of the country of a thousand lakes. Screening with STEP OUT (2012) 10min Director: Arja Raatikainen Country: Finland A lone man in a business suit wanders off course on his way to work, leaving behind the regular patterns of his life. Blending contemporary dance, everyday movement and parkour influences, STEP OUT is a journey through multiple psychological, urban and cinematic spaces in which everything is ready to change at the blink of an eye. NORTH HORIZON (2012) 14min Directors: Thomas Freundlich & Valtteri Raekallio Country: Finland Shot on location in Spitsbergen, Svalbard, NORTH HORIZON combines contemporary dance with the spectacular natural vistas of the high Arctic. In a a silent world of wind, waves and ice, abandoned villages stand at the edge of the northern ocean, home now only to forgotten dreams and the wordless tales of the unknown departed. The film explores these images through the enormous contrasts of scale between the moving human body and the seemingly still, boundless Arctic landscape- a unique artistic and environmental journey from the far edge of the world. SNEAK PREVIEW! THE RAIN HOUSE (2013) Director: Arno Rafael Minkkinen and Cinematographer Kimmo Koskela Country: Finland 80% fiction, 80% fact, THE RAIN HOUSE is a Finnish-American immigrant love story about a boy who craves affection from a beautiful mother who cannot see past her first view of him as a screaming baby with a gaping cleft palate. It is in the rain house that the cleft between mother and son, beauty and the beast, has one last chance to close.   SUSPENSE (1946) 101min Director: Frank Tuttle Country: USA This rarely seen film noir stars the glamorous English ice skating star Belita whose exciting skating style is a highlight of the film. The plot centers on an out of work drifter (Barry Sullivan) who meets the proprietor of an ice skating review (Albert Dekker) and gets hired as an all-round factotum. He is set on a course of advancement when he suggests ideas to improve the act of the show’s star and the boss’s wife, Roberta Elva (Belita). But when Dekker begins to suspect that his new manager is overly ambitious and also has romantic designs on his wife, he decides to take revenge.   LOS TARANTOS (1963) 92min Director: Francisco Rovira Beleta Country: Spain A 50th anniversary screening of this classic flamenco drama inspired by Romeo and Juliet and possibly West Side Story. LOS TARANTOS is characterized by a sexy, gritty, Catalan gitano style of dancing and marks the final appearance of the legendry Carmen Amaya in the role of Angustias. The star-crossed lovers are Sara Lezana and the mesmerizing Antonio Gades, best remembered for his dancing (and acting) in Carlos Saura’s flamenco trilogy that began with Carmen. The film was nominated for Best Foreign film in 1963 and has not been shown for many years. Screening helped made possible through the assistance of Spain Culture New York-Consulate General of Spain: member organization of the network Spain Arts and Culture. 35mm film print courtesy of Filmoteca de Catalunya. Actress Maria Esteve, the daughter of the iconic Gades will make a personal appearance at the screening. Screening with LOW (2012) 18min, 18sec Director: Ludivine Large-Bessette Country: France What starts as an embrace evolves into a sensual duet.   NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE! VIRTUOSI (2012) 82min Director: Sue Healey Country: Australia Created by choreographer Sue Healey, with music by New Zealand jazz legend Mike Nock, VIRTUOSI is a feature length documentary about the drive to be an artist and the special nature of virtuosity in dance. Through exhilarating dance and stories from the heart, the film reveals intimate and astounding portraits of 8 New Zealand dance artists. Destined for greatness, these artists all left their homeland in their youth, to pursue careers around the world. Screening with SUBSTANCE: MOLOKO (2012) 17min Director: Natasha Merkulova Country: Russian Federation A movie about looking for the substance of life. The film is a cinematic dance fantasia performed by Anna Abalikhina, one of the leading Russian contemporary dancers and choreographers.     SPECIAL PROGRAMS CINEASTES OF OUR TIMES: BUSBY BERKELEY (1971) 60min Director: Hubert Knapp & André S. Labarthe Country: France In 1971, Henri Langlois mounted an impressive Busby Berkeley retrospective at the Cinematheque Française—the first ever held in France—and this episode was made in conjunction with that. Using excerpts from several of his legendary numbers from 42nd Street, Dames and Gold Diggers of 1933, Berkeley discusses the technical challenges he faced: how to set up a shot with 100 women in a swimming pool, how to multiply the image of a couple dancing, how to have the camera dive from the roof of Warner Brothers. Screening with RAUNCH UND SPIEGEL (2012) 5min, 56sec Director: Nick Moore Country: Australia The film shows where slight-of-hand meets spectacle and how circus becomes cinema. WHO BY FIRE (2012) 4min Director: Jacob Niedzwiecki Country: Canada WHO BY FIRE is a memorial procession, with tight harmonic coordination creating intricate, transient patterns across a group of performers using and iPhone app to feed fifteen separate tracks of audio to the fifteen performers in perfect synchronization.   Panel Discussion: Passing the Torch: The Legacy of Jose Limon and Anna Sokolow (90min) As modern dance masters Jose Limon and Anna Sokolow become historical figures, how do their choreographic visions continue to survive and thrive? That is the topic of this program which consists of film excerpts, interviews and a panel dedicated to exploring the vital questions surrounding the challenges that face those dedicated professionals who continue to pursue the visions of their former mentors.  Deborah Zall, a dance soloist and teacher who had the distinction of being both a Graham and a Sokolow dancer, will be joined by Carla Maxwell, a Limon dancer, choreographer, and Artistic Director of the Limon Dance Co. since 1978, and by Jim May, Artistic Director of the Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble and a Sokolow disciple for over 35 years. Choreographers Limon and Sokolow will be represented by selected film excerpts, following which the three panelists will be joined on stage by moderator Joan Finkelstein, Director of Dance, New York City Department of Education for a lively discussion on keeping classic modern dance alive. Audrey Ross assisted with the presentation of this panel.   Honoring Shirley Clarke: ROME IS BURNING (1970) 54min Directors: Noël Burch & André S. Labarthe Country: France In Paris for the Cinematheque screening of Portrait of Jason, Shirley Clarke was filmed in a friend’s apartment during a small gathering held in her honor (among the guests are Yoko Ono and Jacques Rivette); she speaks candidly about the “underground cinema,” its relationship to the politics of protest happening around the U.S, and its negation of Hollywood aesthetics. Clarke sees the U.S. heading to a certain crisis point—hence the title, ROME IS BURNING—and wonders aloud about the responsibility of filmmakers in such a situation. Screening with IN PARIS PARKS (1954) 12min Director: Shirley Clarke Country: USA Clarke captured the daily rhythm of the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris with a documentary quality and a playful sense of humor that perfectly suits the Punch and Judy show performed for a rapt audience. The music is a calliope of sound that provides a transition from scene to scene. This iconic French park is one for both adults and children and sometimes recalls the errant spirit of Jacques Tati. Courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art, The Circulating Film and Video Library. DANCE IN THE SUN (1953) 6min Director: Shirley Clarke Country: USA Clarke performed as a modern dancer before she made this first film. She chose for her first try Daniel Nagrin’s “Dance in the Sun,” photographing the artist performing his dance at Jones Beach on Long Island. Discovering that nature overwhelmed the dancer’s movements she sought to preserve the integrity of the dance while attaining a cinematic dimension. So she devised a simple method—intercutting between the exterior dance by the sea and the interior of the rehearsal hall. Nagrin leaps from the shore and lands on a studio floor, a graceful effect now quite common in commercials and films, but then cinematically bold. Courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art, The Circulating Film and Video Library. A MOMENT IN LOVE (1957) 8min Director: Shirley Clarke Country: USA Rather than one unbroken motion in space as in DANCE IN THE SUN, here Clarke shoots double images of the same movement, sometime placed in different parts of the frame, sometimes with a slight time delay, effectively used to create an intensity of mood and tension in a passionate relationship of two young lovers. A beautiful experiment in cinedance in which dreams and fantasies become visual realities through the magic of the camera. Performed by Carmen Gutierrez (A GIRL FROM MEXICO) and modern dance legend Paul Sanasardo, choreographed by Anna Sokolow, to music by Norman Lloyd. Courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art, The Circulating Film and Video Library.   Honoring Shirley Clarke: SHIRLEY CLARKE: IN OUR TIME (1987-90) 60min Director: Donna Cameron Country: USA In this moving tribute to her friend and colleague Shirley Clarke, Cameron brilliantly uses collage to fashion a focused but dizzying trip through…’Our Time’…while creating a personal, affectionate portrait of Clarke. The home movies of Clarke’s childhood are the idyllic center of the piece, but Cameron constructs a disruptive world through found footage that envelops the core images. Director Donna Cameron will attend and participate in a post-screening discussion with former Museum of Modern Art senior film curator Laurence Kardish. Screening with BULLFIGHT (1955) 9min Director: Shirley Clarke Country: USA Working with the modern dancer Anna Sokolow, Clarke parallels the sense of spectacle and the real violence of an actual bullfight with a dance interpretation of the emotional experience, using a distillation of the ritual gestures we see photographed in the Spanish bull ring. In her intense interpretation, Sokolow embodies both matador and bull, both executioner and the sacrifice, to Norman Lloyd’s evocative score. Courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art, The Circulating Film and Video Library. BRIDGES-GO-ROUND (1958) 8min Director: Shirley Clarke Country: USA In this film, Manhattan Island becomes a maypole around which its bridges, detached from moorings and land, execute a bewitching dance. Clarke has freed these formidable structures from their everyday functions and magically set them to dancing to two different musical tracks, one jazz and one electronic, so that each track affects viewer’s response to the imagery. With music by Teo Macero, Louis and Bebe Barron. Courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art, The Circulating Film and Video Library. MEDITATION FOR A LONELY FLUTE (2011) 4min Director: Donna Cameron Country: USA Conceived by Fredrick Kaufman during his service in the Israeli army during the Yom Kippur War, this chromatic vision of the desert transcends the bloodshed, the cold and the heat of the moment and meditates on the magic of the surrounding desert’s sounds and sands. Music by Fredrick Kaufman. Flute: Adeline Tomasone. BROKN BRIDGE Director: Donna Cameron Country: USA Inspired by Cameron’s mentor Shirley Clarke’s BRIDGES-GO-ROUND, this bicycle vision of the Brooklyn Bridge, made from cyanotypes of original photographs captured by Cameron on her bike helmet as she crossed the bridge, are made in paper emulsion on film and optically printed. Music by Mark Stewart. Percussion: David Cossin.   Panel Discussion: Honoring: Ice Theatre of New York (95min) Ice dancing has developed into a lyric and virtuosic art form far removed from the spectacles of bygone eras. The program will explore “dance on ice” through a brief overview of the history of figure skating as a choreographic art form. Olympic champion and television commentator Dick Button will introduce the evening and Ice Dance Theatre’s founder/director Moira North will introduce video clips of historical dance pieces created by skating artists such as Belita, Toller Cranston and John Curry, along with pieces specifically created for the company by dance choreographers Ann Carlson, David Parsons, Lar Lubovitch, Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux and Twyla Tharp, and also by skating stars such as Johnny Weir and ITNY’s artistic director Douglas Webster, among others.   Sigur Rós: Video Music Program (60min) Sixteen directors and artists selected by Sigur Rós band members were invited to present their works in the framework of the Valtari Mystery Film Experiment. Each was asked to direct a motion picture inspired by the music from the band’s album, “Valtari”. Sigur Rós gave them complete artistic freedom. This program features several of these music videos which have a dance component by directors such as Alma Har’el, Christian Larson, Melika Bass and Ryan McGinley.     SHORTS PROGRAM A (76min, 58 sec) 0-ONE (2011)10min Director: Francesca Sani Country: Italy The filmmaker imaginatively explores the basic language of dance and binary digital languages. EL APARECIDO (2001) 3min Director: Diego Agudo Pinilla Country: Spain The film introduces hand-drawn animation of flamenco choreography based on Manuel de Falla`s ”El Amor Brujo”. BRIGHTER BOROUGH (2011) 4min 18sec Director: Georgia Parris Country: UK Brighter Borough draws you in with the nostalgic sound of an old Kodak Carousel slide machine, projecting abstract images onto floating silks in a rundown theatre. Resting on a final image we dissolve to a London roundabout. Here the drama unfolds as three contemporary dancers bring to life the gowns of Louisa Parris. BROTHER’S KEEPER (2012) 6min 45sec Director: Marta Renzi Country: USA A moody space of dark and light where three young men explore their social, physical and animal natures. CHICKEN BOY (2012) 7min 24sec Director: Cari Ann Shim Sham Countries: China/USA CHICKEN BOY is a modern day metaphor for the journey of the lonely self to find peace with one’s identity. The film references many famous dance film moments from a span of over 60 years and includes a live accordion player, a masked “Anonymous” man and 4 dancing chickens. GRAVITY OF CENTER (2011) 14min 17sec Directors: Thibaut Duverneix & Victor Quijada Country: Canada GRAVITY OF CENTER is a short-film adaptation of Victor Quijada’s full-length work for RUBBERBANDance Group. Through visceral physicality, five world-class dancers embody animal instinct in this striking film directed by Thibaut Duverneix and Victor Quijada, and photographed by Christophe Collette. LE SAUT INFINI (2011) 2min 57sec Directors: Chris Parker & Sakiko Yamagata Country: USA LE SAUT INFINI, a collaboration between directors Chris Parker and Sakiko Yamagata and choreographer Emery LeCrone, is an adaptation of LeCrone’s earlier work “With Thoughtful Lightness”, which premiered in the Guggenheim Museum’s Works & Process series in October 2011. Featuring New York City Ballet dancers Russell Janzen and Megan LeCrone, the film explores the dancers’ perception of space and time while capturing the physical, intimate moments between them. MENUETT (2011) 6min 32sec Director: Jukka Rajala-Granstubb Country: Finland In the 18th century, a French court dance, the minuet, arrived in Finland. The time-period was very conventional. Feelings couldn’t be expressed openly, men and women kept themselves apart in public. This type of behavior suited the Finns, the people from the forest. In the Minuett dance, the only physical contact between men and women was a humble holding of hands. PEDESTRIAN CROSSING (2012) 19min, 48sec Directors: Eric Garcia and Kat Cole Country: USA Something strange lurks beneath the surface of everyday life. PEDESTRIAN CROSSING follows eccentric and estranged characters that defy group behavior, drawing upon the already-inherent absurdities and poetics present in San Francisco. In an unprecedented merger of dance, theatricality, and high visual imagery, The film reveals unexpected moments of imagination within and among our everyday activities. WILD LIKE KYLIE Director: Bhenjamin Ra Country: Australia On a small property in rural Australia, a woman grieves for her departed daughter through the ancient and spiritual practice of pottery making.   SHORTS PROGRAM B (76min, 59 sec) ABANDON (2012) 4min Director: Charli Brissey Country: USA One consecutive camera shot becomes a character of its own as it interacts with a woman who looking for a means of escaping her environment. ARTHUR & AILEEN (2012) 16min Director: Marta Renzi Country: USA This short documentary takes place in a tiny New York apartment, which can barely contain the combined energy of dancer Arthur Aviles and his mentor, Aileen Passloff. Arthur is a BESSIE & Brio award-winner who danced for many years with Bill T. Jones /Arnie Zane Dance Company, and is currently director of BAAD! Aileen is an octogenarian teacher and choreographer who was a dance pioneer at the Judson Church with James Waring and others. Their candid conversations touch on process, dance history and what matters in dancing. BLIND TORRENT (2012) 14min Director: Russell Frampton, Ruth Way Country: UK Blind Torrent is a dance film short exploring the landscape of Rural Devon from the perspective of imagined archeology and ritualized movement. DAFEENA (2012) 5min 25sec Directors: Philip Szporer and Marlene Millar Country: Canada DAFEENA is a site-specific dance for camera that adapts the work of Natasha Bakht, which she originally created for the CanAsian International Dance Festival. Bridging the forms of Bharata Natyam and Contemporary Dance and shot in an abandoned crystal quarry, the camera follows two guardian figures as they act out a mysterious yet still intimately familiar ancient ritual. DANCE ELEPHANT DANCE (2012) 3min 42sec Directors: Lionel Popkin and Cari Ann Shim Sham Country: USA Featuring a man in an elephant costume, DANCE ELEPHANT DANCE uses images of multiple elephants in outer space to portray a pachyderm’s awkward desire to get his groove on. EVACUATED (2008) 8min, 21sec Director: Gregory R.R. Crosby Country: USA EVACUATED is a short screen dance that dives into the social structures created by the mind in times of intense isolation. FOLIE Á DEUX (2012) 10min 44sec Director: Nel Shelby Country: USA FOLIE Á DEUXis an exploration into the interior landscapes of two people whose acts of intimacy are the fantasy that thinly veils a greater discord. Folie à Deux (a French term that literally translates as “a madness shared by two.”) is a psychiatric syndrome in which symptoms of a delusional belief are transmitted from one individual to another. MOON (2012) 3min Director: Johanna Witherby Country: USA Two space dancers explore the moon, July 20, 1969. THE NEXT STEP IS (2012) 5min, 25sec Director: Victoria Sendra Country: USA THE NEXT STEP IS explores Einstein’s theory of relativity and its dimensions and ramifications. PAINTED (2012) 5min, 13sec Director: Duncan McDowall Country: Canada PAINTED is the first in a trilogy of screendance films about our tug-of-war with wilderness. SWAN LAKE (2012) 1min, 41sec Director: Gina Carli Country: USA This stop motion animation dance film stars two superheroes. They have quite a history together, and they were once in love. The female is a spy undercover as a ballerina.     PUBLIC SCREENING SCHEDULE FOR DANCE ON CAMERA 2013 Friday, February 1 1:30PM Passing the Torch: The Legacy of Jose Limon and AnneSokolow (w/panel) (FBT) 5:30PM SHIRLEY CLARKE (60min) w/BULLFIGHT (9min), BRIDGES GO ROUND (8min), MEDITATIONS FOR A LONELY FLUTE (4min) (FBT) 8:00PM FIVE DANCES (90min) w/TRANSPORTATION (4min) (FBT) 8:30PM Shorts Program A (76min, 58sec) (AMP) Saturday, February 2 1:00PM FIVE DANCES (90min) w/TRANSPORTATION (4min) (FBT) 3:30PM ROME IS BURNING (60min) w/IN PARIS PARKS (12min), DANCE IN THE SUN (6min), and A MOMENT IN LOVE (8min) (FBT) 6:00PM Honoring: Ice Theatre of New York (with panel discussion) (95min) (FBT) 6:30PM LADS GO DANCING (85min) w/PRIVATE I’S (21min) (AMP) 8:30PM Sigur Rós: Music Video Program (60min) (FBT) 9:00PM Shorts Program B (76min, 59sec) Sunday, February 3 1:30PM A GIRL FROM MEXICO (50min) w/A MOMENT IN LOVE (8min) and MICHIO ITO (21min) (FBT) 3:30PM LOS TARANTOS (92min) w/LOW (18min) (FBT) 5:00PM SHIKAKU: NOISM 4 (69min) (AMP) 6:00PM PAUL TAYLOR: DANCEMAKER (90min) w/THE PINK PONY (with panel) (8min) (FBT) 7:30PM Honoring: Ice Theatre of New York (with panel discussion) (95min) (AMP) 8:30PM SOUNDBREAKER (86min) w/STEP OUT (10min), NORTH HORIZON (14min), and THE RAIN HOUSE (5min) (FBT) Monday, February 4 1:30PM CINEASTES OF OUR TIMES: BUSBY BERKELEY (60min) w/RAUNCH UND SPIEGEL (5min, 56sec) and WHO BY FIRE (4min) (FBT) 3:30PM VIRTUOSI (82min) w/SUBSTANCE: MOLOKO (17min) (FBT) 5:30PM Shorts Program A (76min, 58sec) (AMP) 6:00PM MERCE CUNNINGHAM (60min) w/CHOROS (13min) and CIRCLING (14min) (FBT) 8:30PM MATTHEW BOURNE’S SWAN LAKE 3D (116min) (FBT) Tuesday, February 5 1:15PM A GIRL FROM MEXICO (50min) w/A MOMENT IN LOVE (8min) and MICHIO ITO (21min) (FBT) 3:30PM SUSPENSE (101min) (FBT) 5:30PM Shorts Program B (76min, 59sec) (AMP) 6:00PM TO DANCE LIKE A MAN (58min) w/EN AVANT (12min) and DOUBLE TAKE (3min) (FBT) 8:00PM TRASH DANCE (68min) w/AMERICAN OVERTURE (7min) and SPARKLE (18min) (FBT)     FILM SOCIETY OF LINCOLN CENTER Under the leadership of Rose Kuo, Executive Director, and Richard Peña, Program Director, the Film Society of Lincoln Center offers the best in international, classic and cutting-edge independent cinema. The Film Society presents two film festivals that attract global attention: the New York Film Festival, having just celebrated its 50th edition, and New Directors/New Films which, since its founding in 1972, has been produced in collaboration with MoMA. The Film Society also publishes the award-winning Film Comment Magazine, and for over three decades has given an annual award—now named “The Chaplin Award”—to a major figure in world cinema. Past recipients of this award include Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Scorsese, Meryl Streep, and Tom Hanks. The Film Society presents a year-round calendar of programming, panels, lectures, educational programs and specialty film releases at its Walter Reade Theater and the new state-of-the-art Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center. The Film Society receives generous, year-round support from Royal Bank of Canada, American Airlines, The New York Times, Stella Artois, the National Endowment for the Arts and New York State Council on the Arts. For more information, visit  www.filmlinc.com and follow #filmlinc on Twitter. DANCE FILMS ASSOCIATION Under the direction of Christy Park, Executive Director, Dance Films Association is dedicated to furthering the art of dance film. Connecting artists and organizations, fostering new works for new audiences, and sharing essential resources, DFA seeks to be a catalyst for innovation in and preservation of dance on camera. This membership service organization was founded in 1956 by Susan Braun, http://dancefilms.org. DFA receives generous, year-round support from National Endowment for the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, The Rockefeller Foundation’s New York City Cultural Innovation Fund, Cultural Innovation Fund and the Jerome Robbins Foundation, visit dancefilms.org.   For Media specific inquiries, please contact:  John Wildman, (212) 875-5419 jwildman@filmlinc.com David Ninh, (212) 875-5423 dninh@filmlinc.com Also visit the Film Society of Lincoln Center for the Dance on Camera Press Release
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