Video Camera Buying Guide for Dancers

Video Camera Buying Guide for Dancers by Mitchell Rose

Some people have been asking me for advice on purchasing a video camera. It can be pretty overwhelming out there with all the options available. It’s hard to say, “Buy this camera” because the manufacturers change their model lineup every six months. But I can tell you some things to look for so you can scan the specs of a camera and make an informed decision yourself. -Mitchell Rose

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Summary of Recommendations
  • Resolution 1080P (progressive, not 1080i)
  • Frame Rate 30fps
  • Lens As wide as 32mm (otherwise consider a wide-angle adapter)
  • Media Type Internal memory or SD cards
  • Video Format AVCHD at 24mbps
  • Controls At a minimum, ability to manually adjust focus and exposure
  • Audio A mic input jack if you need clean audio
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