Dance Film Lab: Highlights of Film History

Highlights of Film History with Alla Kovgan

Last Monday evening, February 20th, was our first Dance Film Lab, hosted at Dance New Amsterdam and led by Alla Kovgan. Here is a brief description of the master class:
Screening excerpts of the key films that every filmmaker should know. Focusing both on dance film and “traditional” films, this master class gives attendees an overview of development of film techniques, aesthetics and idioms, and discussion of concepts and the development of the cinematic form.
It was quite a remarkable how much we covered in two and half hours. What films do you consider to be relevant to the history of dance film?! Please share below! Here’s just a sliver of the film excerpts Alla showed including how she referenced them aka, the categories dance film may fall into. [twocol_one]  

Musical Films like West Side Story


Ballet Films like Dracula: Tales From a Virgin’s Diary 


Action Films like District B13


Art Films like Color of Pomegranates

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