A Word with Kingsley Irons

Dances Made to Order is a curated, monthly, online, dance film series.


Dance Films Association is partnering with Dances Made to Order for the New York Edition. Dances Made to Order. The New York Edition – Starts on Feb 8 from Dances Made to Order on Vimeo. Here is a word with creator Kingsley Irons on this “dose of cool, cheap, convenient culture” that sums up why we love it!
What prompted your decision to create this series?
There are a quite a few things that prompted me to create the series. The way we consume media is rapidly changing. I wanted to make sure that dance had a place in the digital landscape. I also wanted to find a way to support local dance communities on a global platform and get a chance to work with and experience the point of view of artists all over the U.S. Not everyone can spare the expense to travel frequently. I am one of those people too. But I still wanted to experience the work of other dance communities and be informed and inspired. Dances Made to Order has given me that – a platform that isn’t limited by the constraints of geography with an affordable price tag.  As an artist, I also love structure and the challenge of working within defined parameters.
What inspired the menu/restaurant/food metaphor?
When I think of something that is “made to order” like food, it feels personal because my preferences were taken into account. It’s how I want our audience to feel. They are involved from the moment of conception and help influence the work. You can’t help feeling that something is made specifically for you when you are involved from the beginning.
Pursuit from June 2011 Dances Made to Order just screened in our Dance on Camera Festival. How is Dances Made to Order a springboard for future success and how do you envision the films life spans?
We are so proud of Amy “Catfox” Campion and her film, Pursuit.  I hope that the artists are so inspired by the process and feel like the structure helps them create a film they want to share with the world. I want their films  to live on beyond our forum and that Dances Made to Order is only the beginning of it’s life span. Our series and structure is the catalyst that helps them get started.


Dances Made to Order is a curated, monthly, online film series. Every month, we feature 3 different artists who each rise to the challenge to create a five-minute film in just two weeks in response to the ideas chosen by our audience. In 2012, we will spotlight a different American city and their unique dance culture every month. Explore America through the cinematic vision of 33 different artists without leaving your desk. Now in the second month of our series, we will feature three New York based artists curated by Zach Morris of Dance Films Association’s Dance Film Lab. Featuring: Geoffrey Ehrlich and Kelly Bartnik Hanaah Frechette Mayuna Shimizu Vote on the ideas that will inspire our New York artists’ films and pre-order your tickets from Feb 8 – Feb 16 at midnight. The New York edition will premiere on our site on March 7. Visit: www.dancesmadetoorder.com Buy a subscription for the entire 2012 season or a single, monthly ticket.
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