Jury Award Nominees

Jury Award Nominees

*Winner to be announced at the closing night reception. Closing Night Reception Frieda and Roy Furman Gallery Tuesday, January 31 8:00pm

The Nominees:
  • Falling is a succinct, elegant, and deftly executed short film creating a delightfully satisfying choreographic concept, capturing movement in a way that only dancefilm can.
  • freedom2dance is a short, but very sharp documentary exploring New York City’s Cabaret Laws. Through this lens, the film raises pointed questions about marginalization, identity, freedom of expression, inherent bigotry in long-standing government regulations, and contemplates the boundaries that define dance as an artform.
  • Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance The footage in this film is remarkable, highlighting an important legacy of dance history, illuminating the unique philosophy of the Joffrey founders and the risks they took in their artistic expression, and it charts the trajectory of a small dance company’s journey to becoming a world class American artistic force.
  • Labyrinth Within distinguishes itself with its elegant orchestration of the cinematic, choreographic and narrative elements. Lovingly produced, it is obviously made by dancers for dancers. Reminiscent of Antony Tudor’s “psychological ballets”, this ballet for screen accumulates dynamic tension and suspense as the camera embodies a jealous husband’s worst suspicions, revealing an interior landscape with visceral and sensual camera work in perfect balance with the superb dancing. The rhythm of edits in a series of beautifully paced duets creates its own visual lyricism.
  • The Space in Back of You is a touching portrait of Japanese dance artist Suzushi Hanayagi and her collaborators. Its incremental revelations feel as if one is unraveling a mystery, getting a rare and intimate insight into an extraordinary life.
  • Two Seconds After Laughter is a lovely work with a uniquely hybrid form that lies somewhere between a dance/art piece and an autobiographical/biographical quasi-documentary. It compellingly captures the struggles, vulnerabilities, and bravery of a woman caught between worlds.
  • Wayne McGregor- Going Somewhere features the extraordinary dancers of the Royal Ballet and highlights their resident choreographer Wayne McGregor. It is a beautifully shot, visually stunning insight into McGregor’s choreographic process that addresses broader questions about dancemaking.

Closing Night Party following the screening of Check Your Body at the Door, freedom2dance, and the High School Student Film Competition Winning Film

January 31, 2012 11:30pm – 3am Sullivan Room 218 Sullivan Street Directions: Take #1 train to Houston Street A,C, or F train to West 4th Street No Cover DJ Kervyn Mark
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