Featured Film: Falling

Falling Adriano Cirulli, 2011 UK | 5m

Monday January 30, 8:30pm Walter Reade Theater

A study of human interaction, expressed through movement and sound, FALLING is an abstract study of human interaction, expressed entirely through movement and sound. A man and a woman drift through an empty void, their bodies twisting and contorting as if subject to powerful forces beyond their control. Their motions become more harmonious when their paths intersect, only to reignite into restless struggle as their bodies split apart once again. Connection is thwarted, and the cycle seems doomed to repeat itself. FALLING is the result of a painstaking combination of choreography and digital visual effects. The post-production technique of motion tracking has been used to augment the natural motions of the performers in the film, producing complex yet seemingly lifelike movements. In this way, the camera becomes an extension of the performer’s bodies, less of a passive observer of the choreography and more of an active participant. Designed as a counterpoint to the moving image, the music for FALLING was created especially for the film by composer Antonino Chiaramonte. Just as the film uses animation to transform the performers’ natural movements, the music takes the organic, human sound of a flute, and distorts it to create a richly textured electronic soundscape, closely complementing the action on screen.
Adriano Cirulli, who will introduce FALLING in DOCF 2012, was born in Rome in 1973. He graduated from La Sapienza University with a degree in architecture. Since 2002 he has worked in visual effects on several mainstream studio productions. In 2006 he received a citation from the Academy of Film and Television for his contribution to the Emmy Award winning HBO series Rome. He is currently senior compositor at The Mill in London.
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