Workshop with Katrina McPherson

Dance for Camera Festival and Workshop with Katrina McPherson University of Utah Department of Modern Dance

Weekend Workshop: September 15 – 17 Weeklong Intensive Workshop: September 19 – 24

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Description of course by Katrina McPherson, director of Five Video Dances 
All sessions will start with simple warm up exercises to awaken the body and sharpen the senses. The remainder of the sessions will consist of focused practical sessions, looking at different issues for dancing and filming, using improvisation as the primary creative method. My aim as facilitator will be to seek a perfect balance between teaching, experimentation, enquiry and support. The nature of improvisation is process, on-going investigation and the practice of giving. We will look at ways in which improvisation can be used to generate video dance material – that is, work that will be experienced on-screen. We will also explore how camera techniques can capture the characteristics of improvised dance performance – spontaneity, energy, presence, connection to the audience. We will look at examples of editing as a next step in the process, initially using in-camera editing techniques. The workshops will be geared towards generating ideas, questions and debate; as such there will be periods for discussion. During the week, I will continue to introduce new topics and ideas around making dance for the screen and will set exercises to be completed both during the sessions and in the intervening time between sessions. By the Wednesday, we should have started to work with editing systems and towards the end of the week, the participants can opt to develop a more involved idea over a couple of days. Ideally, workshop participants will dance in and crew each other’s video dances.
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