Dancing in Public

Dancing in Public September 14th, 2011 7:00pm Solar 1 Green Energy, Arts, and Education Center- Stuyvesant Cove Park

  • Reception

    Refreshments provided by:
  • Intermittent performances of Miracle Tear btw 7-8

Miracle Tear, photo credit Alex EscalanteChoreographer/Dancer:

Choreographer/Dancer: Rebecca Kelley Brooks is a dance artist and Alexander Technique teacher based in New York City. Fundamental to her performance work is a commitment to developing sustainable practices that enhance conscious awareness for the performers and the public alike. Her teaching and art practices are integrally linked. Other Dancers: Ursula Eagly has worked with Rebecca Brooks on her past two projects and loves this spacious approach to moving. She also creates performances of her own, and her last work premiered at Danspace Project as part of PLATFORM 2011: Body Madness. She is currently working on a new piece that will surface in the summer of 2012 and on an on-going exchange with the Macedonian choreographer Iskra Sukarova. www.ursulaeagly.org Emily Wexler works to find multiple ways of comprehending the world through dance. she’s a jersey girl. she loves poetry, sincerity, and anything within the realm of the ridiculous. she is working on a project which questions the nature of matter and mattering, and a project regarding gender, insanity, sexuality, violence, and self-abuse. emily also dances for lots of other great artists and teaches senior citizens the love of drawing an arc through space.  
  • Dance film screening to begin at sunset

Grounded– directed by Jen Edwards (filmmaker present) Melt– directed by Noémie Lafrance New London Calling– directed by Alla Kovgan Sigh– directed by Joe Cobden Dust-directed by Anthony Antanasio Snow– directed by David Hinton Pretty Big Dig– directed by Anne Troake Snow– directed byTori Sparks End Love– directed by OK Go, Eric Gunther, and Jeff Lieberman
  • Q&A to follow with choreographer and filmmakers

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