Reoccurring monthly dance film opportunities!

Dances Made to Order

Unlike a prix fixe menu, Dances Made to Order allows you to make a personal selection of multiple tastes that will dictate the outcome of each month’s videodance. As the name suggests, you order the dance. How does it work? Once a month vote here for three out of five enticing ideas. Once those selections have been tallied, the artists of the month, chosen by Dances Made to Order, will start creating dance films inspired by those ideas! Your $10 ticket gets you 3 dance films and supports the work of the Dances Made to Order artists.

Dance Magazine’s Monthly Videodance Contest

After our Dance Film Lab series, remember you can submit your completed work to Dance Magazine’s Video of the Month Contest. They are especially interested in dance and film collaborations, rather than mere videos of dance- a wonderful opportunity for DFA members!
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