Post Production Recipients

2011 Post Production

Thank you to all who applied for this year’s Post Production grant. We are pleased to announce the 2011 recipients! Congratulations to the following members:

Christoph Dostal for BOB CURTIS: DANCING ALL COLORS Chithra Jeyaram for FOREIGN PUZZLE Daniele Wilmouth for MARCHING BANNED

For previous winners and program information, visit our Post Production page. Stay tuned for the 2012 application!

DFA 2011 Post Production Award Panelists: Chris Henderson Founder/Director of Moviehouse; Program Manager of Arts@Renaissance; DFA Board Member Chisa Hidaka Filmmaker; Director of Dolphin Dance Project Ellen Bar Director of Media Projects at New York City Ballet; Co-Creator/Executive Producer of NY Export: Opus Jazz

DFA 2011 Post Production Recipients: BOB CURTIS: DANCING ALL COLORS Director: Christoph Dostal, LOS ANGELES, CA Documentary: feature-length Bob Curtis, an African-American dancer, choreographer and painter, was born in Mississippi in 1925 and died in Vienna, Austria in 2009. His father was born in 1858 in Mississippi as a slave. In his childhood, Bob was called `High Yellow´since he was half black and half white and didn’t belong to either group. As the youngest of 18 children of a very poor family he stepped out of the box and had a world class career. In his life long journey of self discovery he broke down racial barriers through the universal language of dance, capturing the human spirit at its finest.

FOREIGN PUZZLE Director: Chithra Jeyaram, AUSTIN, TX Documentary: feature-length Confronted with her mortality, angered and frustrated over her inability to handle the disintegration of her body, Sharon Marroquin, a modern dancer, begins to consciously deal with it through art. This creative process allows Sharon to escape to another realm that is not confined by physical limitations, disease, child-rearing, teaching and running a home. But the escape is temporary: her 6 year old son Dali, who is aware that his mom is ill but oblivious to the gravity of the situation, needs her unconditionally. For 18 months, FOREIGN PUZZLE documents Sharon leading two lives – one as a choreographer and the other as a single mother with breast cancer, her relationship with her son and the transcending power of dance.

MARCHING BANNED Director: Daniele Wilmouth, CHICAGO, IL Short Celebrating the rejuvenating powers of music, dance and mayhem, MARCHING BANNED follows the pandemonium created by a 30-°©‐member circus punk marching band as it navigates through everyday happenings in the city of Chicago. The collaborators subvert the forms of the traditional marching band, designing intricate choreography for the camera and people, maintaining the spontaneity of “ACTIONS FOR JOY.”

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