The Co(te)lette Film

Coming soon, thanks to DFA partner TenduTV, is The Co(te)lette Film, a full-length work choreographed by Ann Van den Broek, recently premiered at Dance Camera West and directed by Oscar-nominated director Mike Figgis. 
Here’s what the Los Angeles Times wrote: “At 55 minutes, “Co(te)lette” is a kind of postmodern “Showgirls” meets “Fight Club” punctuated with a dance marathon vibe. This unrelenting portrait of three women features female flesh bruised, naked, quivering and in erotically charged poses.” If you need to see some dance film right now, check out TenduTV’s Essential Dance Film, a compilation of 9 acclaimed dance films from around the world, available on Amazon for rental or purchase. Among the collection of 9 shorts ranging from ballet to butoh, are 2008 Dance on Camera Festival winner, Flying Lesson, and 2010 Dance on Camera Festival jury prize nominee Little Ease [outside the box].
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