Interactive Panel Discussion

Dance Entrepreneurs and the Digital Revolution: Can Dancers Make Moves and Killer Startups? That’s the full title of an Interactive Panel Discussion presented on Thursday, June 9th from 8:00-10:00 Produced in conjunction with Internet Week NYC, the panel hopes to get at the heart of why the dance industry (bubbling over with underused talented dancers) appears to be missing out on huge entrepreneurial opportunities in digital media and what can be done about it. Successful dancers are not only creative, energetic and highly motivated, they are also extremely disciplined, flexible in their ability to take on multiple roles and productions and they work well both individually and in a group.  Choreographers have all of these qualities and the ability to create, promote and direct large-scale productions.  The same characteristics that are absolutely essential to being a professional dancer are the very same characteristics required to become a great entrepreneur.  Read more… Panelists include DFA partners Marlon Barrios Solano (, Marc Kirschner (TenduTV) and Josephine Dorado (The New School), as well as Desmond Richardson (Complexions), Michele Assaf (Tezoro Productions), Warren Adams (Home4Dance) – as well as Murat Aktihanoglu, founder of ER Accelerator, who is known as the godfather of New York tech startup community.
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