Fiscal Sponsorship


Fiscal Sponsorship is proving to be a viable option for artists seeking to raise funds. In response, Dance Films Association offers Individual Members Fiscal Sponsorship for their dance film projects that are any stage in production. Ranging from feature length documentary projects to short experimental films, we believe that every idea should have the opportunity to become a fully realized dance film and understand that fundraising is always a huge factor. Through our Fiscal Sponsorship program, not only can dance film projects apply for grants that require non-profit status and collect donations that are tax-deductible, but DFA also provides consultation and builds a personal page for projects on our website to integrate our Fiscally Sponsored projects into the fabric of dance film.


Please contact us if you’d like to apply to Fiscal Sponsorship. Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll receive an email requesting to schedule a phone call or meeting to review your application. Please note, if your project is accepted, Individual Membership is required.

As fiscal sponsor, DFA receives a sum equal to 7% of funds dedicated to the film project and DFA makes payments to fiscally sponsored projects on a monthly basis. For example, payments made to the film project through DFA for the period between Sept 15th and Oct 15th would be issued to the film project on Nov 15th. All artistic and proprietary rights, title and interest in and to the project belongs to the filmmaker and the filmmaker may copyright the project in their name. In return, we ask to receive appropriate credit and that DFA’s logo will be included whenever possible on trailers and the final video.
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To support a particular project, send money via PayPal through the specified project donation button on each Fiscally Sponsored projects page. Or, write a check payable to Dance Films Association, earmarked for a specific project and mail it to Dance Films Association, 252 Java Street, #333, Brooklyn, NY 11222. Please note- For legal and accounting purposes, we need to notify you of our ‘variance power’ over funds donated to us in support of this project.  Under our fiscal sponsorship agreement with each project, we retain full discretion and control over the use of such funds to accomplish the charitable purposes of the approved project.  This power includes the unilateral right to redirect funds to a different beneficiary who can further the mission of DFA if for some reason the project cannot be completed.


Protected: Raising the Barre

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jack colechest

Jack Cole — The Genius, the Man, the Legacy

The Jack Cole Documentary Project is in its 10th year of evolution. The result is: Phase III, a clearly defined trajectory of the accomplishments, life and legacy of an acknowledged creative genius in the world of commercial and theatrical dance. Opening with a montage of today’s brilliant dancers and choreographers to illuminate and trace Jack’s […]


In My Life

Section 1, is entitled “Passes” by Helen Jane Long. This section tells the story of Sean’s vibrant yet tangled youth, our shared roots in Bucks County Pennsylvania, the long nights spent on my parents porch pondering life and love , and the many, painful to watch, ups and downs of his battle against addiction. Section […]

Protected: Muse

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A kind and charming woman awakens to a cold and dangerous dystopia, and then must battle to survive and find her lost love. In the process, she discovers that the wreckage surrounding her is not destruction at all, but a cycle in perpetual transformation. RUN, a short dance film, is a rhythmical journey set in […]



AROVA explores the passion and dedication of Dame Sonia Arova, a Bulgarian Ballerina, who influenced the dance world a great deal. Among her many dance partners, she is known for partnering with Rudolf Nureyev, Erik Bruhn, and Thor Sutowski. Her training during WWII shaped how she would train other dancers. Wisdom, physical strength, and emotional […]


The Dance Goodbye

What is life like for a dancer when they can no longer dance? Inspired by Merrill Ashley’s departure from the New York City Ballet a an acclaimed principal dancer, this documentary captures the poignancy of this life turning point. After a struggle to find her next step, today Merrill Ashley travels around the world teaching […]


ENI9MA: The legend of Félix

ENI9GMA: The legend of Félix A story of appropriation, glamour and madness Documentary about Félix Fernández García, flamenco dancer from Seville hired by Diaghilev in 1917 to teach and dance flamenco for the Ballets Russes in the process of creation of The Three-Cornered Hat ballet in collaboration with choreographer Lèonide Massine, composer Manuel de Falla […]


In Balanchine’s Classroom

Prolific choreographer George Balanchine was also a teacher who preferred to teach his dancers each morning himself, which he did for decades. In Balanchine’s Classroom is a portrait of Balanchine, the teacher, by those who knew him best – his dancers. This film explores the process of becoming a Balanchine dancer but it’s a human […]


Marcelo Gomes: Anatomy of a Male Ballet Dancer

Born in the heart of the Amazon, trained in Rio de Janeiro, Boca Raton and Paris, Marcelo Gomes is one of the most sought-after male ballet dancers today. A Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theatre in New York City, Marcelo also performs with the world’s most prestigious ballet companies and star ballerinas. Marcelo is a […]