Lilt is a short film driven by the music and choreography of writer/director Josiah Cuneo. The film explores the possibility of storytelling through dance and movement, while exposing the elusive nature of memory. The first scene takes place in a dance studio, using contemporary dance as way to illustrate a conversation between two friends. The second location is a papermaking and print studio, where the rhythm and movement of the studio become central to understanding the motivations of the characters. Working with the Brooklyn based string trio Dissemble, an original score has been written that will further illustrate the complex relationship between the characters that rapidly unfolds over the course of just a few scenes.

Josiah Cuneo is a Brooklyn based filmmaker and composer. In 2014 Roulette hosted the premier of Cuneo’s multimedia performance Scenes, featuring four dance based short films accompanied by a performance of original chamber music by string trio Dissemble. Cuneo’s films focus on the interplay of music and dance to explore themes of daily ritual, daydreams and the fluidity of memory. Josiah Cuneo’s work has been featured at Roulette, New York; The Picture Show, New York; New Filmmakers, New York; Exit Art, New York; Gallery Satori, New York; Issue Project Room, New York; Phantom Brain Exchange, Montague, MA; Sevengaits Gallery, Southbridge, MA, Doo Gallery, Atlanta, GA and Hampden Gallery, Amherst, MA.


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Recipient of the honorary award in 2015

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