Dance on Camera 2014

The year’s offerings included world premieres of opening night’s selection of Greg Vander Veer’s MISS HILL: MAKING DANCE MATTER, a film about influential dance pioneer and administrator Martha Hill, closing night’s selection of Kate Geis’s PAUL TAYLOR: CREATIVE DOMAIN, a privileged look at the choreographer’s process as he makes his 133rd dance and multiple US and New York premieres on the big screen for the first time.

“We are very excited to further extend the kinship between dance and film by introducing other elements, says Joanna Ney, co-curator for Dance on Camera. “Special Programs such as Ice Theatre of NY with its focus on artistic skating and collaboration with choreographers, musicians and designers is just one example of bringing a new slant to the dance perspective. More innovation comes from Yak Films with its documentation of global street dance. And we are pleased to showcase Joanna Mendl Shaw’s Equus Projects in a film that brings dancers and horses into a creative union. It’s a new world of possibilities this year.”

“We are also excited to continue the exploration of 3D filmmaking and dance, these two were made for each other, sharing the element of space.  3D technology heightens the depth and detail of space, in it the dancers’ movements acquire sculptural volume, with new cutting edge technology, as seen in Jedediah Wheeler’s, STORY  / TIME 3D, the effect is almost as if you’re watching from the front of stage,” says Liz Wolff, co-curator for Dance on Camera.

Many of the films in this year’s selections reflect dance’s new perspective – a trend toward imaginative collaborations (dance and skating, dance and horses, dance and circus), as well as a recognition that dance thrives best in the bosom of a creative community.

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